The Form Factor Question – Why choose an iPad?

Tablet PCs are incredibly popular among gadget lovers and early adopters, but there are still some people in the mainstream who are struggling to see why the iPad is so popular. Why would you use a large touch-screen device instead of your phone? If you want to take advantage of a bigger screen, why not use a netbook instead? In truth, all form factors have their benefits and their downsides and most people end up using different devices for different tasks.


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Instant On

One of the best things about the iPad and other tablet devices is that it switches on instantly, meaning that you can pull it out of your bag and be ready to go right away. You don’t have to worry about boot up times, or launching apps, everything is just right there. This makes them brilliant for note-taking, checking your email quickly, or pulling up a map.

Big Screen

Phones are also instant on and they can run many of the same apps that tablet devices can, but their small screen size is irritating for anything beyond the simplest of text editing tasks. If you struggle to send a text message without abbreviations or embarrassing typos, imagine how hard sending a full-length email would be. With a tablet you save yourself the hassle by using a bigger screen instead. You can type using a large on-screen keyboard, or connect a Bluetooth keyboard for a more laptop-style experience.

More Storage

The iPad comes in several different configurations, with the option of having tens of gigabytes of storage (enough to store several movies, thousands of eBooks and songs, or hundreds of mobile games). Most phones have far less storage. If you want something you can use heavily for both work and entertainment, the iPad is a good choice.

What about Other Options

Android and Windows 8 based tablets are similar in most respects to the iPad, but they run a different operating system and have different app stores. Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on what apps you want to be able to use. You can find apps for social networking, email and chat on all platforms and most games get multi-platform releases too. If you want something capable of running fully featured desktop applications, you should look at a netbook, UltraBook or small MacBook. These devices are less convenient for use on the move, but are far more useful than tablets for heavy coding work, document editing and image processing.

If you need more information about the Apple iPad, MacBook and other portable computing options, check out some buyer’s guides online. It’s also a good idea to look at the software options available to you on the digital download stores that serve the platform you are considering. If there’s an app that you desperately want to use, such as a loyalty app for your favourite store, or a conference companion app, you should make sure that it is available on your chosen device.

By James Johnson

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