The First Functioning Passenger Drone

One of my favorite movies as a kid was Back to the Future.  In the second installment of this series, we get t osee a glimpse into 2015.  We saw flying cars, hover boards, and self drying clothes.  Here in the year 2018, we may not have self drying clothes, but we do have hover boards ( and although we may not actually have flying cars, we do have something similar, check out the Ehang 184, the worlds first fully tested Passenger drone thanks to a company by the name of Ehang.

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Welcome to the future, lets take a look at this drone.  Ehang, a Chinese company known for its “easy to fly” drones unveiled to the world their Ehang 184 two years ago.  The Ehang 184 is the worlds first functioning quadcopter passenger drone capable of carrying people.  They boasted that it will revolutionize transportation of people, for a mere $200,000.00 each.  So where are they today?


In February 2018, they released the results of a series of tests on their Ehang 184.  This series of tests included over 1,000 days, over 1,000 est flights, and involved about 150 engineers.  Some of the tests included achieving speeds of 80mhp for over 5 miles, and a climb up to 984 feet.  They tested extreme high temperatures, fog, and category 7 typhoon with gale force winds.  More practically thought, the Ehang 184 can carry up to 500 pounds for about 9 miles.

So, with such limited application, what does Ehang plan to use these drones for?  They see luxury rides for the those who can afford it as it s first application, kind of like a taxi for the rich.  However, Ehang said that they are making improvements to their product and they have already developed a passenger drone with 2 seats that can handle 615 pounds.  So what is next on the list?  Who knows, maybe scaling the product to a fully functioning taxi service or even personal vehicles are the next step.

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By Mark Ramirez

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