The Digital Camera vs. Smartphone Debate: The Pros of Using a Smartphone To Capture Family Memories

The reality is that smartphones have advanced more quickly than digital cameras in recent years. Smartphones now have quality lenses and good software that reduces image artifacts and the need for downsampling. This has fueled a debate about whether digital cameras are still the best choice for taking pictures. There are several reasons why smartphones today are a better option for capturing family memories.


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Smartphones Are Always Handy

One of the main reasons to use a smartphone is that they are always handy. Most people carry a smartphone everywhere to stay connected to friends, family and work. A digital camera is an item that needs to be intentionally packed in a bag and taken to an event. Forgetting the digital camera means no pictures. A smartphone is a good option at family events because it can be taken out and used to capture memories at any moment.

Comparable Image Quality

The latest smartphones have a megapixel rating that is equal to or better than a large number of digital cameras. Additionally, advances in the production of lenses as well as the sensors have made many images from smartphones comparable in quality to digital cameras. Modern smartphones can take better quality pictures than some inexpensive point and shoot cameras or older digital cameras. Most modern smartphones can take pictures at resolutions above what is needed to print a good quality photograph for a family album.

Instant Internet Access

Smartphones are designed to make going online easy. Digital cameras are not. Some digital cameras now include basic wireless functionality although it is not easy or convenient to use. Windows phones can send family pictures to social media websites or other people almost instantly. The images can be archived online or turned into picture messages. Smartphones have nearly no limits when it comes to transmitting pictures fast across the Internet. Even the best digital cameras are limited to whatever Internet functionality is hard-coded into the device.

Lower Cost

The final reason to use a smartphone to capture family memories is price. Smartphones are devices that can be used for a variety of tasks from making phone calls to running apps. A digital camera has only one function and sometimes requires special peripherals to get better quality shots. Smartphones are a far better deal than purchasing a digital camera.

The debate about which option is better will continue for a long time. Much of the debate revolves around minute differences that are highly technical. Most people cannot tell the difference between digital camera and smartphone pictures. Smartphones are a good choice today because they are convenient and versatile.

By Kandace Heller

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