The Dark Side Gadgets?

Forget gearing up for the holidays, we’re gearing up for the Star Wars! Think you already own all the coolest gear in the galaxy? Think again! The What on Earth Catalog has a slew of lightsaber gadgets that go far beyond fighting The Dark Side. The battleground isn’t in a land far, far away – it’s in your kitchen. Feel the power of The Force in your hand and use it for good…food!

Use the cutting power of your lightsaber to slice the cheesiest of pizzas. Or, hold on tight as you harness The Force to bring food together in order to form a more perfect smoothie. But once the cooking is complete and the kitchen is clean, darkness still looms. Luckily your lightsaber flashlight never fails (unless it runs out of battery).

Now, choose your weapon:

Geeks most likely don’t drink a lot of health smoothies. But that’s all going to change with The Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader Lightsaber Handheld Immersion Blender! This awesomely sturdy saber made from stainless steel makes turns blending into a battle between good and evil. The realistic ABS handle is totally realistic and will surely impress your little storm troopers (kids). Prepare to be the Sith Lord of your kitchen!


Now that you’ve blended your forces together, it’s time to divide and conquer a pizza. What could be more satisfying than slicing and dicing with a lightsaber? Especially when you don’t lose a hand in the process! To make it even cooler, this kitchen gadget plays the Trilogy theme song with every turn of the wheel. You’ll never want to order precut pizza again.



And for those seeking to literally fight The Dark Side, this Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Flashlight will always serve and protect you from the evil forces lurking in your basement. In order to give that true sense of Skywalker power, this weapon of light plays sound effects every time you turn it on and off! If you want to wave it around a pretend you’re fighting your father…we won’t tell anyone.


By David Abed

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