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Dark Knight Rises game for Android

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The Dark Knight Rises game for Android devices is one of the more anticipated games to come out for the Android device in a while considering the popularity and success of the Arkham Asylum games platform editions available on Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The android version for The Dark Knight Rises however, definitely leaves something to be desired… and that’s putting it nicely, since there are more than a few basic problems with this game that make it tough to handle playing.


The gameplay is as you would expect, you beat up thugs around Gotham City and solve very minor puzzles, mostly by collecting items around the city. Nothing ground breaking or truly challenging about this… except getting around the city with the provided controls of course.


The controls of the game (touch screen) make it very tough and sometimes downright frustrating to move the Batman character around and still see what you intended to see on screen without the camera shifting away. When and if you do get the hang of it, Batman doesn’t exactly move fluidly, looking like he may have been in some sort of car wreck before the filming of this game.


The graphics are also a huge let down compared to the console versions. I know its tough to compare a mobile game to any console version… but this is like watching Batman fly off a roof and across Gotham city and then watching his counterpart attempt the same only to fall to his death off the very same building! The characters in game are blocky and blotchy at best, with the only real attention being paid to the Bat himself and his waving cape! Some reviewers went as far as to say it looked as though the other character were made out of Lego or mega blocks, ouch!

Pros and Cons

The only real positives I have found is that there are many more levels than expected in this type of game. Not enough to blow you away for sure, but enough that in that regard (and maybe that regard only!) the price would be justified, if it was good! Also, if you’re a Batman fan, you’re a Batman fan. You like the stinkers and you love the best they put out, and basically this is the Val Kilmer playing Batman of mobile games (Val Kilmer sucked!) for all you Batman fans out there (so sue me!).


It runs at $6.99, which is fairly pricey for a great mobile game let alone one with so many pitfalls. The average ratings for this game have been around 3.5-5.5/10 that I have found, and they seem to be just about right in their estimation on that one. It is also a HUGE download for your android device, basically some phones would need to delete the majority of apps and or content to carry this sucker at its hefty  3.6 gigabyte size, which can also take up a fair amount of your free time (AND PATIENCE!) during the download experience.  If you’re wise, unless you’re a diehard fan of the Batman series, you may want to steer clear of this edition.

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