The Coolest Gadgets to Take Traveling

It’s a given that technology makes our lives much simpler. Either at work or at home, our day-to-day lives are enriched by the fascinating gadgets that are conjured within the labs of inventors and innovators alike. As the years go on, technology becomes smaller in size – remember how big the first mobile phones were, let alone the first computer? By developers producing an increasing number of compact gadgets, it enables people to utilise technology on the move; especially when travelling about the world. Here are some of the coolest gadgets to take travelling.

SpareOne Mobile

Have you ever had one of those days in a foreign country when everything just seems to go wrong? It is normally on these days when your phone mysteriously breaks, runs out of battery or ceases to be in your pocket anymore. No fear…SpareOne Mobile to the rescue! The phone is small and light enough to carry around in your pocket, or you can even stash it in your backpack for years. With up to 15 years of battery life powered from a single AA battery; SpareOne can help you out in the tightest of travelling travesties. All you need to do is insert a local SIM card and you are away.

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Mushroom Greenzero Wall Charger

Have you ever noticed that your phone battery doesn’t last as long as it used to? This is partly down to ‘overcharging’. Overcharging is when your phone is at maximum capacity but still remains plugged into a socket, sucking in current. One way you can get around this electric conundrum is to invest in a Mushroom Greenzero Wall Charger. By mashing the big green button (always fun), you activate the charge of any device plugged into it….and it stops charging when the battery is full! By using this clever gadget about your travels, you can be environmentally conscious and save your battery life at the same time.

Franklin 14-Language Global Translator

Does your job regularly drag you halfway across the world to an array of foreign-speaking countries, where you have not a clue how to say ‘Sorry, I don’t have a clue what you’re saying’. Why not pick up the Franklin 14 Language Global Translator in effort to break down that communication barrier. Compact & discreet, the global translator looks as professional as it sounds. The easy-to-use translator even speaks the inputted phrase aloud so that you don’t have to guess the pronunciation. Ciao!

Geneva Lab Travel Micro Sound System Model XS

Looking for something which looks as beautiful as it sounds? This portable sound system might be the thing you are looking for. Contained within a robust faux leather case, the Geneva Lab Travel Micro Sound System pops out at a touch of a button. The perfect musical travelling companion, the chic sound system comes equipped with a digital FM radio, telescopic antenna and alarm clock; enabling you to wake up to the dulcet tones of Nick Grimshaw’s voice every morning. A truly gamechanging piece of powerful innovation; all contained within the confines of a stylishly discreet box.

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Arctic Flight stand

It’s easy to get narked on a plane, especially if you fly frequently. From seats that don’t lean back to crying babies & fiddly headphone sockets, being on a plane can sometimes be tough. However, one thing that can relax you into your journey is firing up your own shows on your own tablet…but leaning over watching the screen for many hours can take a toll on your neck. The Arctic Flight Stand makes this age-old problem a thing of the past, enabling you to clip your tablet onto the seat in front of you alike a TV screen. The artic stand is basically a small fixture which you can fit easily in your briefcase, designed at making your life a lot easier. Forget about courtesy; push your chair back, grab a pillow and watch all three LOTR back to back as you embark on a 9 hour flight.

Reef Stash Sandals

If you are travelling for pleasure, there will always come a day (or two) where you hit the local beach. Beaches are usually a place of peace and tranquillity, but that doesn’t stop the local ragamuffin from coming round and pinching your wallet and keys from under your towel whilst you are taking a dip in the ocean. Introducing the Reef Stash Waterproof Sandals! These sneaky flip-flops allow the owner to cleverly conceal a few possessions inside the shoe, allowing them to gallivant in the ocean; stress-free. The first of its kind, the stash sandals are a trendy response to modern day beach villainy.

Contributed by Vic Shedden.

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