The Boundaries Of Web Hosting Support

Setting up a business online is not just about creating websites, but it is also about looking for solutions available to make sure that the websites created for businesses provide excellence to the customers as well as ensure online presence. Web hosting is an important factor to pay attention when it comes to online businesses. Entrepreneurs should determine web hosting services available and find the best type for their businesses.


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Small and large businesses compete with each other online, but those that consider a lot of things in the over-all website development and optimization are the ones that will succeed in the online market and enjoy greater results.

Web hosting is important in creating business online. Different web hosting services are offered to cater different requirements. Companies that offer these services are known as web hosting providers and they provide space on servers owned or leased by the clients for different purposes. These companies offer services for online users who want to make their websites available and accessible on the internet. Business people can really take advantage of these services for promoting their businesses online.

There are different types of hosting services in the market and the popular ones are the shared and dedicated hosting.

What Are The Limitations Of Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting: It is a cheaper type of hosting that offers slower server response time. It caters several users in one particular server. There are limitations that you have to be familiar with. If you have a large business online and you need to get the most of the hosting service, then you have to think about choosing another type because of the boundaries of the shared hosting. Other limitations of this type include:

  • Poor security features and control panel tools: If you want to focus on security to avoid some forms of breaches, then you may want to avoid shared hosting because of its nature. You will not be given high-level security if you choose this type.
  • Limited resources: Shared hosting is not called a cheap hosting service for nothing. Since you have to share the server with other clients, you may not get the necessary resources because of the competition with other clients.
  • Overselling issue: Providers of this type sell one server to different clients in small parts that can lead to overselling and this eventually makes the loading of websites slower.
  • Limited bandwidth and space: The nature of shared hosting is that it is shared by many as the name implies. It would be difficult and not very possible to get extra bandwidth and disk space with this type of hosting. If you are planning to expand your online business and you need to work on getting more bandwidth as well as space on the server, then you must not choose shared hosting.
  • Limited design and software used: You cannot get the design you need for your website since this type of hosting packages has limited software and application installation. Thus, you cannot be satisfied with the software that is provided by shared hosting.

What Are The Limitations Of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting: It is a type of hosting service that offers greater hosting benefits as it solely caters one client for one particular server. It is ideal for large businesses with large number of files to store and applications to use with high traffic volume. Dedicated hosting offers the only client a full control over the server. Security threats are prevented because of the nature of the hosting service. Since it does not cater more than one client, problems that will arise due to several issues relating to different users will not be experienced. Though there are greater things offered by dedicated hosting, there are still limitations that exist.

  • High cost: Dedicated hosting is expensive. The cost of availing this type of hosting service may become a problem to you. However, you have to keep in mind that you get better results with this type. Besides, it is not offered so costly for nothing. You get full control, high-level security, client satisfaction and other more. Even if it may affect your bank account, the benefits you get are worth it. However, you have to evaluate if this is what you really need. Creating a personal website or setting up a small business does not require too costly hosting service. You have to consider the type that is appropriate for your website.
  • Lack of free scripts and additional features: There are preinstalled applications and software in shared hosting not available in dedicated hosting. Since clients who avail dedicated hosting service have distinctive and specific needs for their websites, web host providers allow the clients to install the software and services of their choice.

Online businesses should consider web hosting support. Businesses need customers. Without the people who will buy their products or services, business will not exist. In order to get business opportunities online, concepts regarding web hosting should be considered. While physical and geographical boundaries do not apply in all types of web hosting as their nature involves the World Wide Web, there are still things to be familiar with when choosing a particular type.

Each hosting service has its own terms and conditions. When choosing, it is important to carefully examine the conditions of each type to understand and be informed about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the chosen hosting service. Even a great deal of hosting type has limitations and it would be better to determine them so that you will know if you may consider it or not. When looking for the right hosting service, you may make use of not just online customer support, but also for other types of hosting support such as via telephone. You may contact the web host provide you have in mind by calling them. Aside from an e-mail response and live chat, talking to a representative is also beneficial.

Whether you choose shared hosting or dedicated hosting, it is essential that you weigh down the pros and cons to decide which type is more appropriate for you.

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