The BlackBerry Q5: Cut-Price Messaging Power

BlackBerry has introduced a cut-price smartphone running its BlackBerry 10 platform that could see the Canadian manufacturer sweeping up at the lower end of the market.

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In the wake of the impressive Z10 and QWERTY keypad-sporting Q10, the rollout of the revamped BlackBerry software continues with the Q5 – an ergonomic handset which follows the firm’s familiar form factor of old. In the days of incredibly high performance handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, BlackBerry’s new software could offer a real alternative to the best selling devices.

While flagship handsets push the boundaries of smartphone technology, they also often push the limits of many people’s budgets, and there are many who simply cannot afford to splash out on expensive, pay monthly phones. That said, the Android platform also offers many low cost handsets and anyone looking at these would be wise to think about the BlackBerry Q5 as well.

Of course, it all depends on what you use your smartphone for and in which areas you need it to perform. For younger people with busy social lives, messaging could be key to their mobile needs and this is an area where BlackBerry outclasses almost anything else available. For those who don’t quite have the money to splash out on a high-end handset, the Q5 could be an ideal solution.

BlackBerry Messenger

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BlackBerry Messenger is in place on the device and while the name of the free messaging service will be familiar to many, the way in which it now works may not be as recognisable.

The idea of sending text-like messages to your friends is still there, but BlackBerry has added extra features like video calling and the excellent Screen Share, which allows users to share whatever they are doing on their phone on another enabled handset. Say you have a photo album that you want to show a friend – you can activate Screen Share and the gallery will appear on their handset as you flick through the images, and you can continue talking to them while you do it.

BBM also connects seamlessly with the BlackBerry Hub, a one-stop-shop for all your messages and updates. The Hub, which can be accessed by swiping across the handset’s user interface, pulls in notifications and messages, be they texts, emails, calendar entries or updates from Twitter and Facebook. It’s a hugely useful way of grouping everything that your contacts send to you together and staying on top of all that is going on.

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For people who are constantly posting to social networks and texting their friends, the BlackBerry Q5 could be an excellent choice of handset. When the BlackBerry 10 platform’s focus on messaging and communication is coupled with the device’s affordable price tag you get a device that is capable of outclassing many high-end phones in terms of usability and won’t be such a drain on your finances.

With a physical QWERTY keypad that is excellent for typing out messages, and a compact form factor which is both stylish and convenient, the BlackBerry Q5 is possibly the most appealing device to emerge from the revamped Canadian manufacturer. This smartphone could well become as successful and widely-used as the older devices that it so closely resembles.

This guest post was written by Chris Helsby of Dialaphone, the home of all the latest smartphone deals.

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