The Big Cold Turkey

The Big Cold Turkey

  • A pocket-sized carton stuffed with motivational aids for achieving your personal goals.
  • A blue wristband for daily wear.
  • Choose between the Small/Medium or Medium/Large which corresponds to the wristband size.
  • Four metal trophies to attach onto the wristband on breakthrough days.
  • Two button badges.
  • A faux-tattoo.
  • A 42 day diary to record your progress.
  • A booklet offering you encouragement in your quest.
  • The carton doubles as a savings bank for the money saved from kicking expensive habits.
  • A seal for the savings bank.
  • Information on downloading certificates of achievement.
  • The Big Cold Turkey dedicates 10% of its profits to help addicts kick their habits.

You can have this for £9.95

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