The Best Tablets for College Students

A tablet isn’t just for fun and games: they can also be useful tools for note-taking, organizing information, keeping a calendar, and are particularly helpful to those who are in college. But choosing the right tablet for your needs can be difficult, especially with so many available options. If you’re in college or are shopping for a college student, read on for the run-down on the best choices available on the market.


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The iPad Air

Using the latest and greatest technology available to combine an ultra-sleek design and a highly efficient processing system, the iPad Air is one of the best tablets you can get your hands on. It’s thinner and lighter than its predecessor, has a longer battery life, and still maintains the full-size tablet face. Apple tablets are compatible will all of Apple’s many apps, including Evernote, the application famous for note taking and organization. The downsides to the iPad Air? The camera could be better, and it’s pricier than tablets from other manufactures, currently starting at $499 for 16GB, and ranging to $799 for 128GB.

The Kindle Fire

A more affordable version of the iPad Air is the Kindle Fire, which is the iPad’s main competitor. The Kindle Fire is usable for reading, Internet browsing, games, and media. There are also a few apps that help students take notes. The newest Kindle Fires come with faster processors, longer battery life, and HDX display. A 16GB Fire will cost you $229 dollars while a 64GB starts at $309 dollars.

The Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the perfect tablet for the Google fanatic. If you love Gmail, Google Chrome, Android, Google Docs and Calendar, as well as other forms of Google-friendly systems, the Google Nexus 7 incorporates them all and makes for an incredibly user-friendly product. While the tablet is smaller than either the Kindle Fire or the iPad Air at only seven inches, it’s capable of tackling even the biggest of tasks. Faster and thinner than previous models, the new Google Nexus 7 also has two cameras–a front facing and a rear facing–making it a fun on-the-go way of capturing memories. The tablet starts at $229 dollars.

The Microsoft Surface 2

While Microsoft has struggled to keep up in the Tablet creation race, the Microsoft Surface 2 is a product worth purchasing, and is a favorite amongst college students. The tablet, which has an option keyboard attachment, has almost–but not completely–become a viable replacement for the laptop. Smaller than a computer and more portable, the tablet is wonderful for note taking and getting work done. Drawbacks include a limited number of applications available and the fact that it uses Windows 8, which isn’t always compatible with Apple products if you’re an Apple user. Its price and ability to handle large workloads better than most tablets make it worth it worth a try, however. The Surface 2 starts at $449, and the keyboard cover costs an additional $80.


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