The best spy gadgets reviews resource

I have found the best spy gadgets reviews resource – the Spy Review blog which is full of great spy gadgets and it is updated regularly.

You will find a lot of cool gadgets on The Spy Gadget Blog like: Tactical Night Vision, Who’s at the door? – Covert Peephole Camera, Spy Lazer Tripwire kits and Wireless Color Camera hidden in Cigarette Pack.

My favorite is Making your own lock picks – Using a PC, a tutorial about how to pick a lock with your PC.

You will also find on Spy Review security related books, surveillance suppliers and useful circuit diagrams.

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  1. Great stuff, keep up the great geekie gadgets !!

  2. I like the one about picking a lock with your hard disk! I would never have thought of that!

  3. thanks for this great information.that would be very helpful for me.

  4. Nice Site you blogged about. Seems that there is interesting stuff there!

  5. Hey man i will love to have that Marlboro cigar box , no one can imagine that what going on while smoking . Gr8 blog you have i will be their for more such gadgets .

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