The best gadgets for entrepreneurs

Nowadays’ life is hard to imagine without the high-tech stuff. These numerous devices are so much convenient, that we cannot imagine ourselves without them. And what is more, they offer lots of extra facilities for those who learn, work and have fun. Running a business today also is hard to imagine without electronic devices. And some of them are indispensable for entrepreneurs.


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Here is the list of the most commonly used ones among the business owners:

  1. Apple iPad2. It’s a perfect thing for solving business tasks on the go: it’s light and thin, easy to take with you elsewhere. But in the same time it’s powerful enough for completing main tasks and solving the problems which may arise: writing emails or doing some accounting. It even can handle the basic video conferencing! One of the extra benefits is price: the price starts at $400 and it’s much cheaper than the latest iPad models.
  2. DocuSign is a really useful tool. This online service lets you sign the electronic documents and get the vendors or clients signed them, too. All you need is to upload the documents and the clients will be informed via e-mail that they need to sign them. The service is paid, and the price starts from $15 per year.
  3. Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones. Running the business on the go supposes that everything should be optimized. In this case, it’s hard to imagine something more convenient than hands-free headphones. These headphones cost $99 and are perfect for using in business. The company offers easy wireless setup, high quality of voice. It’s also easy to see how stylish they look!
  4. Kensington notebook lock. For those entrepreneurs who travel a lot, it’s a real must-have. It helps you save your laptop safe, no matter where you are – in airports or any other crowded places.
  5. Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam. If you need a one-to-one video conference, bulit into the laptops will be enough. But when you need the conference with more people, you’ll be in the need of a professional camera. And here Swiss conference cam will come handy. This webcam provides the full-motion HD quality video. The price is $250 only for the high quality video and a sound.
  6. Multifunctional Mouse Pad is a useful accessory for the entrepreneurs on the go. This pad is very convenient, has a built in 4-port USB hub and a speaker to get connected with your MP3 player.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2. More than just a smartphone, it offers various facilities the tablets usually offer and is smaller and cheaper – this model costs $299. The screen is large enough to read emails and work using business apps for Android. It’s perfect for taking notes and working with documents.

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