The Best Fitness Gadgets of 2013

Every year people promise to get fit and healthy. New Year’s resolutions are made and broken, unhealthy activities are almost gotten rid of during Lent, but nothing ever seems to stick, and every December 31st, you find yourself repeating yourself. From motivation, to inspiration, and just all round making your life easier, these gadgets will hopefully help to get you on track – and keep you on it! Choose your gadgets wisely though: there are some great products on the market, but won’t be able to move if you get hold of them all.

1. Scanadu SCOUT


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The Scanadu SCOUT is perfect for staying on top of any health problems. Touch the device to your temples, and it will take a reading of your body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs. It then sends this data to your smartphone, where it can be shared with your doctor. It’s the perfect gadget for the health-freak-slash-hypochondriac.

2. Armpocket Nighthawk Armband


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Running at night is without doubt the sanest time to run – no one can see you get red or sweaty, in fact no one can see you at all. There are slight safety issues with this, yes, but luckily that’s where Armpocket’s Nighthawk Armband steps in. It can comfortably hold an iPhone 5, credit cards and cash, as well as helping to keep you safe. White LED lights illuminate up to 30 feet of the road ahead, while a red LED light flashes to make drivers aware of you – little as it may be, the Nighthawk can keep you visible up to a mile away.

3. O_Synce Screeneye X Visor

There’s no hiding from a bad workout session anymore, thanks to the O_Synce Screeneye X Visor. With its head’s up display, you’ll have to believe what you see. It measures your heart rate, distance, lap times, and speed, as well as its original use as a visor. The battery also lasts up to a week.


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4. Lark Life Wristband


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Many wristbands hit the market last year claiming to be the best and do the best, but the Lark Life is one of the best so far. It monitors movement, sleep hours, nutrition information and your mood by asking questions throughout the day. It then gives you tailored tips in response to the answers you give. Everyone’s dying to know how well it copes with a stroppy tantrum and sarcasm.

5. Tinke


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This iPhone based monitor can measure your blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability just by pressing your thumb onto the device, which is attached to your phone. It uploads the information onto your smartphone straight away.

6. Withings’ Smart Body Analyser


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This set of scales not only measures your weight, but records your heart rate, BMI, and body fat. Using WiFi, it uploads all your information to an app that can track your progress. In addition to this, it has an air-quality monitor to help you sleep better.

7. iBitz

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Is there a better way to encourage your kids to exercise than by giving them a game where a pet dies every time you don’t run enough/fast enough? This iPhone/iPad game has a variety of exercises and characters that need to be fed, watered, and exercised in time with your children.

8. Schosche Rhythm


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This wristband is one of many that will monitor your heart rate and send data back to your iPhone or Android. However, it also has the world’s first wireless track control for music played via a smartphone. You can control your music choice from up to 10m away, without having to disturb your session. The Schosche Rhythm wristband will give you audio prompts for real time feedback during a workout as well.

9. Osim Massage Chair


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While you aren’t exercising it’s equally important to make sure your body is getting the care it deserves to keep you going through workouts, without doing any serious damage. This Osim model is the first massage chair that can be controlled via an iPhone. An app teaches you about massage in general, and then offers recommendations for a session, based on what kind of work you do.

10. Body Media Core 2


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The minimal design of the Core 2 means it can be worn anywhere to keep track of your steps, calories, and duration of physical activity. From a workout session to a shopping session, the band’s unobtrusive and classy appearance won’t draw attention, and you can keep track of all your daily exercise. It syncs all this data with your iPhone, and Android compatibility is currently being worked on.

Diet, exercise, & sleep

While we love adorning ourselves and our houses with flash gadgets, there’s nothing better for you than a good diet, a healthy amount of sleep every day, and actually getting out to do regular exercise. No doubt there are gadgets to cook for us, make us fall asleep, and move our legs just around the corner though…

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