The Best Fitness Apps For Under £1

With the growth in both people owning smart phones and our desire to become more healthy and be at a weight that makes us happy, the popularity of running and training apps has never been so high. With so many choices out there, we’ve narrowed a list down to only the best fitness apps that have been used and loved the most this year.


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Zombies, Run!

Perhaps one of the most creative running apps out there is the apocalyptic Zombie Run game. In a nutshell, this game will recreate the sound of zombies chasing you in your headphones and tracks your progress as you leg it for your life. However, there is much more to this game – as you run you’re immersed in a storyline where you must help rebuild a crumbled civilisation whilst also collecting various items as you go. This game is both perfect for listening to on its own, but can also be played with your own music to give you extra drive to survive your own private zombie film.

Gorilla Workout

A quirky and fun app that’s filled with different workouts to help you to burn fat and put on more muscle, and under £1 to buy. This Gorilla Workout app gives you various levels to aim for so that you feel motivated, and with its varied selection of workouts that makes the best of small areas without the need for additional equipment, there’s no excuse for not burning off those calories!


One of the most used fitness apps available right now is the RunKeeper, which tracks your running habits, your jogs and even your cycling. This app lets you share you stats on Facebook so you can bug your mates with your progress to a healthier and slimmer looking you. Not bad for a free app, right?

Nike+ Running

Just like most running apps, the Nike+ app has all the same features you’ll find on other running apps, however this one comes with a few extra tricks that this massive brand can afford to implement. If you need a little encouragement to keep going, then you’ll love the cheering feature that sounds as if a crowd in enamoured by your accomplishments. You can also program in a power song for the finale of your run, and on top of that, it will even find links between your running distance and the type of weather.

Adidas miCoach

This clingy app has taken it upon itself to be your personal trainer, and with its quality features from using GPS to track your location and real-time voice couching to guide your stride, it’s definitely a worthwhile app to have in your possession. In addition to tracking and coaching, this app will measure the distance travelled, calories burnt and your pace. In the long-term, this app looks to improve your speed and endurance and will analyse your training regime so that you’re getting the best out of your workout, and for free too!

Now you have your app to get you off the sofa, you need to get into the right mindset so your motivation doesn’t become temporary. Investing in some clothes that are only for training is a technique that many undertake and things such as low cost t shirts are an easy enough investment that you won’t mind sweating profusely in, but will still have you looking stylish on the go. Armed with a water bottle and you’re ready to go, so switch on the app of your choice and hit the streets to obtain a healthier, fitter you.

Luke Rexel is an avid runner who has lost over two stone since downloading the Zombies, Run! fitness app on his Android phone.

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