The Benefits of Home Phones In a Mobile Age

While mobile phones have undoubtedly taken over the world, a large portion of the world still finds many practical uses for home phones.

Home phones are essentially telephones that have been connected to land lines, and cannot be taken from set locations outside your home.

home phones

Despite their lack of mobility, there are a number of benefits that you can gain from placing a phone in your home.

1. They are impossible to lose

This is one of the most significant benefits you gain from having a home phone. Countless people lose their mobile phones every day in their own homes, and have to replace them.

This is an extremely serious and widespread problem that can cost you significant amounts of money and cause you untold amounts of unnecessary stress.

Telephone for home, due to their set locations eliminate this problem in its entirety, by ensuring that you are unable to take the phone far enough away to risk losing it.

2. They are “Elderly Friendly”

The older you become, the faster technology seems to advance beyond what you are used to. This statement is equally true when it comes to phones as many older individuals find that newer mobile phones are far too difficult to work with, and prefer older phone models that only do the one thing they are intended to do, make and receive calls.

While text messaging and cameras are excellent features to have, always remember that making and receiving calls were the phones original purpose.

By purchasing a home phone, you will be doing the elderly an enormous favor, by giving them these kind of devices.

3. Home phones are excellent time savers

Cell phones come with 1,000 different features that can easily drain the time out of your day; however home telephones, due to their lack of those features can easily become enormous time savers.
Without the distractions mobile phones provide, you can quickly and easily finish your phone calls and return to what you were previously doing.

4. They are extremely inexpensive

These phones are by far the best options for individuals with tighter budgets. With the average cell phone’s price being around $130, you can easily find high quality home telephones for less than $100 that will last for up to a decade or longer.

Also, because most telephones for home do not have all the bells and whistles that mobile phones do, you can expect your bills to be on average, 50% lower than what you could expect had you chosen a mobile phone.

The benefits listed above should give you a good idea of just how useful home phones can be, and hopefully you’ll be adding one to your home soon.

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  1. Hey Dan,
    Enjoyed reading this. Made me appreciate my home phone a little more.
    If you get the right phone system, you can add extensions in other rooms without having to hard wire them in. That is a handy feature and good for seniors to have.

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