The Benefits Of Automating Your Home Through Smart Phones

Most of the people across the globe think that their smart phones are only as good as the apps they can run. There are off course other components to a quality smart phone as well such as internet connectivity, file storage, camera and others. However, if you get the right application installed in the phone you can even manage your entire home with a single tab on the screen.


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Smart Phones for Controlling Your Home:

Following are some of the ways you can control your home with your smart phone.

· Motion Activated Security Cameras:

It is much better to have a motion surveillance system in your home rather than close circuit cameras. This system comes with compact and high quality security cameras that you can control with a lot of smart phone applications. These cameras simply wait for any motion to be detected and then switch on can show you live pictures of your home on your cell phone no matter where you are.

· New Improved Lighting:

Big companies like Philips have introduced “smart bulbs” that allow you to control all of the lighting in your home through the cell phone quite easily. This new technology enables you to improve the lighting without retrofitting to new switches and lamps. With the help of your smart phone, you can control the intensity of the light coming from these smart bulbs, can change the light color and off course, can switch them on and off.

· Smart Keys:

Now it is the time to say goodbye to traditional lock and key deadbolts forever. Upgrading your lock and key system simply means your house is far safer from the reach of burglars and no one can make the carbon copy of your keys. The system also allows shutting the open door from any location through an application installed in your smart phone. Most importantly, it helps you get rid of carrying the clunky loads of so many keys. Home could be decor with photo to canvas with latest home décor technology.

· Electrical Outlet Upgrades:

If you do not want to buy dozens of appliances that have Wi-Fi capability, you can simply have one smart phone that will help you to do things like switching on the coffee pot and television set. In this regard, you can replace the old outlets with smart outlets that are apps friendly. You just need to plug in your devices in these smart outlets and you can easily control them with your phone and they are also cost effective as well.

· Start Your Vehicle Remotely:

There are innumerable applications available that connect your smart phone with your vehicle and therefore, you can remotely start it and turn on the heater. This is especially important in the areas where weather does not allow you to wear shorts all the time. In fact, it is very difficult to go out in temperatures below ten and warm up your vehicle manually.


It looks quite awkward and weird to use old fashioned methods to run your daily home activities. Technology has enabled us to make our lives easier and therefore, everyone one of should make full use of it.

Author, Serven Wilson, is a home décor expert and works for canvas print UK store. He mostly writes on how to automating homes through latest devices and using techniques like putting photos onto canvas for home décor.

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