The Advantages of Laser Printers

With the advancing of technology, you may find yourself often confused as to the differences behind each new product released, and you may question whether newer models are in fact better. It terms of printers, it can be argued that the advantages of laser printers, such as Dell’s, reign far superior to those of the more outdated inkjet printer. Let’s take a closer look into the functions of the laser printer, which will help you fully understand the guaranteed benefits of using the device.

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While fans of inkjet printers may argue that the price of a laser printer is quite costly, this argument can easily be negated. It is in fact true that the price of a laser printer is higher than that of an inkjet printer, but a consumer must also consider maintenance when determining price. Buying a printer based off the short-term purchase price is not in the best interest of a consumer, rather the consumer must also consider the longevity of the product as well as the necessary add-ons for the printer’s proper functioning. The price of toner for a laser printer is significantly cheaper than the price of ink cartridges for an inkjet printer. Additionally, toner is found to last longer requiring the consumer to purchase less often, saving them money in the long run. Finally, the product life of a laser jet printer is considerably longer than that of an inkjet printer. So when deciding between a laser printer and an inkjet printer, consumers must realize that although the start-up price of a laser printer is more expensive, maintenance is much cheaper in the long run.

Besides price, there are other factors that consumers consider exceedingly important when comparing both laser printers and inkjet printers. Speed of printing is especially necessary for those consumers who require bulk printing. Compared with that of an inkjet printer, a laser printer can print pages considerably quicker. A major benefit of the laser printer is its unvarying diameter, which allows for quicker writer without any leaking of toner. Not only will the printing process of a laser printer be quicker, but as a consumer of a laser printer you are also guaranteed fast printing without a loss of quality.

For many consumers, image quality is exceedingly important. For those consumers who wish to use their printers for images or pictures, the laser printer image quality is undoubtedly superior. The precision of the images printed by a laser printer is top-quality, free of streaks and smears. Additionally, the consumer will no longer have to worry about ink leakage ruining both the images and the printer itself. Compared with inkjet cartridges, toner does not leak and will not cause damage to your printer.

So if you still are not convinced as to why a laser printer reigns superior to an inkjet printer, here is one last point to consider. Have you ever noticed how irritated you can become by listening to the ridiculously loud sound of the printer? Has the sound ever caused you to become distracted and unable to complete your work? The good news is that when using a laser printer, sound is no longer an issue. Laser printers can print high-quality images at an incredibly fast pace making virtually no sound at all.

As technology is advancing more manufacturers are creating high-quality products that are in fact beneficial to consumers. Manufacturers, such as Dell, offer consumers top-of-the-line laser printers that are guaranteed to satisfy the desires of every unique consumer.

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