The 9380 – Another Great BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry has made a lot of great mobile phones that seem to be really popular with the consumer. They have really been concentrating on their BlackBerry Curve models, giving them a lot of great features to keep them a step above the rest. No one wants to buy a cheap mobile phone that will break at any moment and they want to have the coolest thing that is available on the market, without spending a lot of money on it. The BlackBerry Curve 9380 might be just the mobile phone that they are looking for.

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If you are in the market for a new mobile phone for any reason, then the BlackBerry Curve 9380 might be the perfect mobile phone for you. Here are some facts that you might enjoy about this mobile phone before you decide to make the purchase for yourself.


The look of the display might not be the most important thingon a mobile phone in terms of making the mobile phone run and work well. But it is a very important feature to the consumer. They want to be able to see what is on the screen without having to strain their eyes. With the new BlackBerry Curve 9380, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

This new mobile phone from BlackBerry comes with some great features for the display screen. The screen is more than two inches which makes it easy to see all of the words and icons that are on the screen with ease. The screen also has plenty of pixels so that you can see everything nice and clear and crisp no matter what you are trying to do.

Operating System

Most of us don’t think about the operating system when you are purchasing and using our mobile smartphones. But we would be lost without this important feature if it wasn’t on our mobile phone. The BlackBerry line of mobile phones has invented a new operating system, the BlackBerry 7 OS that they are putting on their new mobile phones. This system allows you to have a great experience with your new BlackBerry mobile phone. It opens and downloads websites at fast speeds so that you aren’t spending all of your time downloading a website or worrying about your mobile phone freezing up. This operating system gives you the opportunity to navigate around your new mobile phone with hardly even a thought.


Now that you have a great camera and video recorder on your mobile phone, you will need a place to store all of them. You don’t want a mobile phone that won’t store a lot of the pictures that you take. But this isn’t a problem with this new mobile phone from BlackBerry. It comes with plenty of internal memory to store all of your pictures, videos, and music. But if that is not enough room for you, it also comes with a space to put a 32 GB memory card so you can hold even more stuff.

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