The 25 Coolest Technologies and Tech Gadgets of 2017

2017 is still considerably young with the first quarter almost upon us. However, even though it have only been a few months into the new years, technology and innovation has been on the rise. We have witnessed the launch of high-tech devices made to make life a lot easier especially if you can afford them. Typical examples of these are the new Apple Watch Series 2, MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID and much more. This article is focused on taking a quick look at the best tech devices so far in 2017. Here are 25 of the best that are currently available in the market.

1. Google Home

This is an amazing device from Google. It is one of the few tech devices that you can get up close and personal with, depend on the level of communication and organization you want to have. Google home is a speaker powered by Google Assistant which can be activated by your voice. It is highly customizable giving you the ability to create your own Google that is always at your service. You can ask it anything, ranging from weather reports, traffic situations, business, to sports. With a simple voice command, you can get access to music, radio, and podcast from several sources such as YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music and much more.

With Google Home, you can plan your schedule by giving it access to your flight information, alarm setup, and timers.

2. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is a definite upgrade when compared to the other versions of PS 4 released in 2016. PS 4 Pro represent a more powerful gaming unit with the capability of providing 4K gaming and HDR. The PS 4 Pro is a much more powerful device that will give you a better experience while playing your favorite game.

3. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

The introduction of the MacBook Pro with Touch ID by Apple, just makes life a lot easier for it numerous users. The Touch ID feature means that you can easily unlock your device and make purchases using you Apple pay and ID all with one fingerprint. The MacBook is available in 15 and 13 inches ( four thunderbolt 3 ports 2016) with the Touch ID located on the right side of the Touch bar of the keyboard. With these amazing features, life just got a lot easier using the MacBook Pro.

4. Apple Watch Series 2

A lot of work went into the design of the Apple Watch Series 2. The inbuilt GPS system, incredibly fast lightening dual core processor and water resistance capacity are few out of the newly added features. The brightness of the display is a beauty to behold and will thrill users as a new series of apple watch series take center stage.

5. Portable Speaker (Solar Powered)


This new device should solve all your outdoor music problems. Manufactured by Hammacher Schlemmer and recommended by Alternative Energy, the Portable Solar Speaker plays for up to 8 hours non-stop after a five-hour charge. Fortified with an inbuilt solar panel, you can connect the speaker with any Bluetooth enable tablets and smartphones.

6. 2Breathe

Having trouble sleeping? 2breathe Sleep Inducer will take care of that for you. Recently launched by 2breathe, an Israeli company, the smartphone enabled system, uses custom tones to help you to find sleep more easily by monitoring and guiding your breathing. A great device for people who have difficulty finding sleep and staying asleep regularly.

7. Google Asus OnHub ( SRT-AC1900) router

This gadget will most likely improve the Wi-Fi experience in your home. The Google Asus OnHub is a wireless router ( 802.11ac) equipped with one USB port and 1Gb Ethernet port. It is new, always updated and with a sleek design that will ensure that you do not have to hide it under a shelf.

8. ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor

ResMed has over the years been a leader in the manufacture of sleep related tech. The ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor released recently is one out of their collection of sleep gadgets. It allows you monitor, analyze and improve your sleep right from the comfort of your home without the use of mattress strips, wristbands or electrodes.

9. Plantronics Backbeat 500

These are well constructed and designed Headphones from Plantronics. They are one of the recent releases from the stables of the prestigious company. It’s affordable and boost of delightful high-mids and highs with full low mids. Really comfortable and suitable for passive listening.

10. The Ripple maker

Imagine the fun that can be derived from customizing your own coffee to harbor any image you want including that of your favorite celebrity. Well, the Ripple maker, a new latte customizing machine from Stream CC brings all that to reality. You can turn your coffee to a perfect attractive mechanism at your local coffee shop.

11. SolSource Solar Cooker

This is a unique solar cooking device that requires no form of fueling or powering apart from the free energy that we can get from the sun. By concentrating sunlight on a particular spot, the device can attain cooking temperatures in no time at all. It operates simpler and even more efficiently than the regular solar ovens, cookers and so on.

12. Geek2U

This is not a typical technological device or anything like that. It is a service that helps you solve problems that you may be challenged with while using or installing any technological device. Visit their website or call their helpline and someone will definitely be waiting to attend to you.

13. Connect2Car

Connect2car is a major technology that several people are rocking in the year 2017. It gives you access to your car controls even if you are not in the car through your cell phone. With it, you can start you car engine, roll down car windows and carry out any electronic related feature in your car.

14. Conexant Electronic Design

This is an impressive smartphone application that works with a chip to ensure that you are not always unplugging your ear simply because you want to hear what someone is saying. It eliminates noise and allows sound to enter the headset in order to hear what is going around even though you have a headset on.

15. Delphi Infotainment

This is a cool device from Delphi which allows the vehicle operator to enjoy audio entertainment while driving. Asides from the obvious entertainment function, users can also get information on weather reports, traffic situations, customer data and much more.

16. Netgear NightHawk

The more the number of portable devices that spring up daily, the more the need for home Wi-fi. Netgear NightHawk provides just that and more in terms signal strength, auto sensing and coverage. With this promising new device, you’ve got all your home Wifi needs covered.

17. Narrative2

This is a life blogging camera that clips to a certain user and continues to capture photos every 30 seconds. The version released this year holds, even more promise with its 1080p HD recording capability. The camera can also be controlled using the company’s app on major smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android.

18. LuminAid Inflatable Light Bag

Imagine having a glowing bag in your possession when all other lights go out. The LuminAid bag provides just that for you, it can hold light at its highest intensity for close to 10 hours. It derives its power from solar enabled sources.

19. Powerfilm USB and AA Charger

This is a very small charging compartment manufactured by Alternative Energy, Inc. It can bring devices back to a charged point within few hours of usage.

20. Aero-Tray

For the ones who travel a lot by plane Norman Korpi invented the Aero-tray a portable, ergonomic work area for laptops, mobile devices, books, or magazines.

21.NC-stat DPNCheck

This is a gadget which measures sural nerve conduction velocity and response amplitude and it is used for evaluating peripheral neuropathies such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN).

22. Child Speech and Language Lab

This is a project developed by the Northen Arizona University, in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. They use technologies to study speech and language development in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

23. Versatool

The Versatool is a multi-tool for guys how love DYI  projects recommended by thee “Gadget Guy”, Nolan Finley.

24. Schedule a De-clutter Party

This is actuality a service offered by Aclearpath. This service is a good idea if you are surrounded with a lot of stuff you don’t longer need. So if you have a lot of tech gadgets laying around maybe it is the time to de-clutter.

25. Neat

Neat is a software for simplifying your life. It manages receipts + documents and integrates with popular accounting and business software to make things easy for the users.

There were the top technologies of the year and probably new gadgets will be launched on May 9 – 11, 2017 during the National Hardware Show which will take place in the Las Vegas Convention Center.




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