The 12 Most Awesome Gadgets Released In The Past Year

The year has seen the emergence of some new technologies, changes to the way many gadgets are used and a serious boost to the performance of mobile devices. While it might be hard to pick just 12 most awesome devices for the year, these gadgets highlight important innovations and features that will shape the gadgets of 2013.

12. Nest Learning Thermostat


With the ability to connect to your home network, sense when you are home, adjust to your schedule and interface with your smartphone or tablet, the Nest Learning Thermostat has created an affordable and simple way to reduce energy consumption and promote green living.

11. Nintendo Wii U


Sporting a 6-inch touch screen, compatibility with Wii games and accessories, high-definition graphics and a bounty of online features, the Wii U has once again provided a fresh and innovative spin on console gaming. As the console matures, you will surely see more of these devices filling living rooms across the globe.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 2


As one of the first ‘phablets’, the Samsung Galaxy Note proved there was a market for a mid-size mobile device. With its high-definition display and precision stylus, the Note combined the productivity of a tablet with the portability of a smart phone.

9. Amazon Kindle Fire HD


The Kindle Fire HD is one of the cheapest priced high-definition tablets available. Combine this with the massive selection of books, movies, television shows and games available through the Amazon Store and it is easy to see why the Kindle Fire has lead the pack in the budget tablet market. Future tablets will have the Fire HD to thank for introducing many users to the world of tablets.

8. Sony PlayStation Vita


Handheld gaming has always suffered from a lack of power and graphics when compared to their console gaming siblings. The PlayStation Vita aims to change this. With its innovative dual touch screen display, high-definition display, wireless connection and a digital content delivery, the PS Vita will likely shape the handheld gaming market for some time to come.

7. Windows 8-based phones


With a shift in focus towards touch-friendly interfaces, this operating system will pave the way to many of the major gadget and computer trends in 2013. Though initial impressions for the operating system have been hit or miss, there is no denying that the changes made in this release will be a milestone in evolution of technology.

6. Lytro Light Field Camera


The Lytro Light Field Camera captures images using light from every direction. What does this mean? Images that can be refocused after capture. Combine this with the ability to create 3D images and you have a camera that is poised to change the way that people think about digital photography.

5. Microsoft Surface


While tablets are great for media consumption, a lack of physical keyboard can lead to some productivity woes. The Surface combines many of the benefits of a tablet with an ultrabook style format. By combining the keyboard and cover of the tablet, Microsoft has expanded the possibilities for the tablet market.

4. Samsung Galaxy S III


The Samsung Galaxy S III was one of the best selling smart phones of 2012. Inclusion of near field communication, a beautiful display and a powerful chipset helped to usher in the next generation of smartphones.

3. Raspberry Pi


Sometimes, gadgets are not all about performance. The Raspberry Pi is a fully functioning computers board the size of a credit card. From educational programs to making your own media center, the Pi is capable of handling a surprising number of tasks.

2. iPhone 5


With LTE access, a larger screen, improved processing power and a weight reduction, the iPhone 5 brings one of the world’s most popular smart phones up to date. With a shift towards cloud services and mobile Internet access, features such as LTE support will be increasingly important for years to come.

1. iPad 3


The iPad 3 featured one of the most significant gadget upgrades of the year. From the improved retina display and reduced weight to the massive increase in processing power, the iPad 3 simply blew the iPad 2 away, and the iPad 4 had just a few minor tweaks, leaving the iPad 3’s changes as the most significant.

The one thing that critics had raved about on this gadgets is the crisp ability to video conference. This gave business people a real reason to buy the product and use it in a business environment, ramping up sales of the popular tablet.

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