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McGrath Information Solution (MIS)

McGrath Information Solution (MIS) is an external text based metadata file.

MIS specification

McGrath Information Solution i’s a text files that gives users metadata about a video, an audio or even an image file.

A movie file can have information about it(plot, credit, goofs, age). Info2MIS(free) can create a .MIS in 2 clicks. The information could be in English, French or Spanish with chapters, subtext all in the same file without modifying the original file.

The same can be done with a podcast by giving user chapters and URLs in a .MIS. So, a MP3 player could easily navigate to different sections.

An image could contain who is in a picture/age , where it was taken, trivia.

MIS benefits

Only 1 text based file for most information (title, description, credit, notes, text based subtext., chapters).
Safeguards the information even when re-encoding in another format (only the files extension and technical information will be modified)
Can be read with no zigzag effect and modified with a simple editor with no re-encoding of the content
Multilingual support (tags are in English) but you can have titles, description …. in English, French in the same .MIS file.
Codec developers concentrate on the codec and not the metadata, that’s for us
Low cost licenses/royalties (as low as USD$0.01/unit) and Free for non-commercial uses .

Examples for present use of McGrath Information Solution (MIS)

– A DVD player with an integrated USB2 Hub having multiple external hard drives connected cab read all .MIS and build a list for movies, pictures and/or songs.
– A user makes a home movie that he/she wants to send to family members. The user creates the .MIS with title, description, identifies those who are in the video, notes.
– An external hard drive that also acts as a multimedia viewer that plugs directly into the TV without a computer.
– A WEB cam or security system can write a .MIS file each time an activity is detected and takes a snapshot sending it via email. The user simply opens .MIS and views the attached picture.
– Show information/tool tips on a digital picture frame.
– An online vendor can send a .MIS detailing (description, serial number, total price …) the object that the client just bought and can add it into a personal inventory application.

The MIS specification is free for non-commercial projects. The 2 applications are freeware.

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