Ten Top Travel Apps For Holidays Abroad

Travelling abroad can be confusing at the best of times with unfamiliar languages, impossible road systems and unusual customs, all of which can combine to make your holiday one of those experiences you’d rather forget. Mercifully in this age of the smartphone and tablet, travelling overseas is a lot easier with a comprehensive range of apps designed to solve those holiday headaches.

License: Creative Commons Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dexxus/5820866907/sizes/m/in/photostream/
License: Creative Commons
Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dexxus/5820866907/sizes/m/in/photostream/

1. Spanish Dictionary Pro
For iPhone and iPad (free)
A GCSE in Spanish might be just enough to help you to translate the basics when you’re on holiday but where the rest of the language is concerned you may discover your knowledge is somewhat limited. Spanish Dictionary Pro is an on-the-move translator which can search by Spanish and English words. Similar apps are also available in other languages.

2. Wi-Fi Finder
For iPhone, iPad and Android (free)
An absolute essential if you don’t want to become one of the unfortunates who arrives home to a mobile phone bill larger than his mortgage, Wi-Fi Finder helps you to avoid incurring sky-high data roaming charges by locating local hotspots. It features an offline mode, allowing you to download maps in advance so all you need do is to follow the directions.

3. Museums Mobile
For Windows Phone (free)
Wet weekends are no longer an excuse for not getting out and about as Museums Mobile is bursting with information about thousands of the world’s best museums and exhibitions and with GPS tracking it’ll even tell you how to get there.

4. Touchnote
For iPhone, iPad and Android (£1.49 per postcard)
Sending postcards back to the UK is a timeless tradition that simply can’t be ignored but in the digital age it’s time for a modern approach to telling family members how much fun you are having on your holiday. For a very reasonable £1.49 you get to create and send personalised printed postcards featuring your very own holiday photos and text.

5. iMovie
For iPhone and iPad (£2.99)
Due to the lack of portable editing facilities, traditional holiday movies tended to be on the long side but with iMovie you get a decent editing suite and the ability to manipulate your holiday memories to perfection, plus of course the chance to send footage back home. What better and more inventive way to keep your loved ones up to date?

6. Foodspotting
For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone (free)
A local restaurant review app with a mouth-watering twist, Foodspotting will put you on the right track to finding the exact culinary delight of your choice in your local neighbourhood with user recommendations so you know what you’re venturing into before you arrive.

7. Travel Journal
For iPhone (£1.99) and Android (£2.99)
Rather than letting your holiday snaps gather dust in the wardrobe, organise them into a seamless travelogue which also assimilates maps of your favourite places, photos, videos and notes of your adventures.

8. Google Goggles
For iPhone and Android (free)
Not the ones you wear on your head, this app will help you to identify key landmarks on your travels. Pointing your phone’s camera at the building in question will instantly produce Wikipedia articles packed with everything you’re desperate to know.

9. TripAdvisor
For iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone (free)
TripAdvisor’s impartial user reviews of everything from museums to hotels and restaurants to theme parks will ensure you are fully informed of what other travellers think as you ponder where to stay, what to eat and where to visit.

10. Word Lens
For iPhone and iPad (free/£6.99 per language pack)
Put away the phrase book! With Word Lens you simply point your phone’s camera at the foreign text and it’ll translate it for you. Useful if you’re out and about in a place where English isn’t automatically displayed, it’s also quite good fun.

Travel apps are here to make your journeys abroad practical, convenient and fun whether you fancy tailor made hoidays to South America or a quick jaunt to a European capital. But do take care to keep a check on those roaming charges or you might be in for a nasty surprise to welcome you home.

This aricle was written by travel blogger James, he uses various apps on his travels and says his ideal holiday would be a tour of South America.

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