Ten Android GPS Motor Vehicle Tracking Devices

If you already have a GPS-enabled device, you probably already know there are a lot of things you can do with it. You can keep track of your children, track less than honest spouses, track your vehicle and most importantly, gain peace of mind when your loved ones are traveling.


It proves clear that some people are afraid of using GPS motor vehicle devices. Consumers tend to wonder if they are infringing on loved ones privacy. It proves expected to hold these thoughts, but there are legitimate uses for tracking your loved ones with prioritizing the protection of those you love.

1. MyCarTracks – GPS Tracker

MyCarTracks is one of the best GPS Tracking systems for your smartphone with generating reports and statistics. This android application sends continuous information to www.mycartracks.com, where personal vehicle positions, fleet locations, and tracked routes on maps are recorded and logged. Reports can be printed out which saves business owners times and costs.

MyCarTracks records GPS tracks and allows for visualization of travelled-tracks of monitoring performance statistics. The routes can be recorded in kilometers or miles to coverend times and drive times.

If you are a business owner with an investment of fleet vehicles, you can share your vehicles and tracks with various people who can watch travels in real time. If you think that you want to trace a vehicle on a map, you can share the occurrences with all devices on one account.

Simply create vehicles on your android phone and share them with other employee’s android phones. On the phones you share vehicles with, go to “menu” à”cars”à”synchronize all” and download all shared vehicles. This will allow you to use the vehicles and trace them while monitoring traveling statistics.

2. LiveViewGPS

LiveViewGPS has recently announced their new Android program that lets LiveViewGPS users who have the LiveTrac series GPS trackers to track devices in real time from their Android mobile phones. You can keep track of vehicles, laptops and other expensive items that you own. The program also lets you keep track of your children at all times. You can watch travels from the screens of your phone.

LiveViewGPS works in conjunction with all LiveTrac GPS systems, to include LiveTrac PT-10, LiveTrac PT GPS Tracker, LiveTract RTV5 Vehicle Tracker, Professional GPS Tracker and the LiveTrac RTV10 Nav Tracker. The company has added in addition to the new Android software, Blackberry GPS tracking system and iPhone GPS software.

Standard features include:

  • Track multiple GPS systems
  • Track speed and routes of vehicles
  • Stop times
  • Start times and end times of employee shifts

If you want to use the system on your personal vehicle, you can easily keep track of where your vehicle is at all times, round the clock. If you have the RTV5 installed on your Android GPS tracking software, you will have the option of disabling the vehicle starter, remotely starting your vehicle and unlocking or locking vehicle doors from your android phone.

3. GPS Tracking Pro

If you want to keep track of your friends and family, this is a veritable android software. You can use the app to ensure your friends and family is safe. The GPS tracking program records and tracks exact locations of family and friends and sends alerts when they might be in trouble, with using the program’s check-in feature. One novel feature of GPS Tracking Pro is that it allows you to view registered sex offenders in your area.

GPS Tracking Pro lets family members find one another using a mobile map. Let us face it; parents are busier than ever with working and holding down families, which is why this program provides peace of mine with the ability to track your children, no matter if you are home, on the road or at work.

4. Android Tracking HOWTO

Some people have voiced doubt with this application, which is why I want to show instructions on how to get it started. The HOWTO program is one of the most innovative and advanced GPS tracking applications on the market, once you get it set up.

  • Press “Home” to open up GPS Tracker in the background
  • Press “Back” to stop tracking
  • GPS Tracker can remotely be activated to start on power on. Simply go to “settings” and check “Auto Start”.
  • You can operate GPS Tracker with sending an SMS message to your phone. Ensure the message contains “GPS_TRACKER_START device key”. You can easily look up your 13 digit device key for the account by logging in and clicking on “Devices”.
  • If you want to stop GPS tracking that is currently running on your phone, simply text “GPS_Tracker_Stop device_key”. The program will then upload anarea and smartly exit.
  • You will find that the SMS activation is disabled automatically. If you need to enable it, click on “Remote activation via SMS” from the “settings” menu.

5. AccuTracking

AccuTracking accuratelyconverts your cell phone into amodern GPS tracking device. It allows you to view locations, speed, vehicles and you can receive emails or SMS alerts as they are traveling. This application is not expensive and proves to be one of the affordable GPS tracking applications available.

AccuTracking works on phones that have GPS and are accessible by third-party apps. The application does not support iPhone or Windows Phone 7 (these phones do not allow background applications).

The following is supported models:

  • Blackberries with GPS
  • Motorola iDEN
  • Android phones
  • Symbian (limited support)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 – 6.5

6. My Tracks (Google)

Many android applications are made by Google, and the My Tracks android programhas everyone standing up to attention. It serves as a GPS Tracking software that can record different things. The application can follow outdoor activities by pin-pointing locations on a map while providing live statistics, to include elevation profiles. The best part of My Tracks is that you can share tracking activities with friends or family using Google Maps. You can easily download the android application. There is no additional desktop software required.

My Tracks features:

  • Describe activities and target locations for others to see on Google Maps
  • Record GPS tracks while hiking, running, or any outdoor activity.
  • Receive statistics from speed, elevation profiles, distances and total time.
  • Send statistics to Google Documents to develop training histories

7. Mobile Spy Live

Mobile Spy Live is what is called an add-on module to Mobile Spy’s tracking and spysoftware. In order to use the app, you have to own a license to Mobile Spy v5.0, which is the latest version. You must also obtain a license to Mobile Spy Live. If you are an existing customer, you can get the upgrade for a small fee. New customers can purchase the combo pack that contains Mobile Spy and Mobile Spy Live.

Mobile Spy Live lets you track any android phone using the tracking feature. There is no other spy software or android tracker on the market that allows for tracking android phones.

Additionally, you receive all the android spy features that are availabl
e from Mobile Spy Live:

  • Read SMS messages
  • Read emails
  • You can view videos and photos
  • View your contacts
  • GPS Tracking
  • View all call logs
  • View history of your browser

When you purchase the combination pack, you will receive tracking features that are provided by Mobile Spy Live and you will receive unique features that are offered from the first android spy software. Lastly, if you need to have your logs recorded on your android phone and emailed to you, you can log onto your Mobile Spy account from any internet device.

8. Open GPS Tracker

Open GPS Tracker is one of the simpler and complete GPS tracking applications I have discovered on the market. The program allows for storing and reviewing capability of where your android device has been. You can simply press “record” at the beginning of the trip, and the phone will keep all the routes you travel. The routes are drawn in “real time” on a map functionality of android. It can be stored in the background if your machine goes “idle”.

Routes are stored on android phones until you have the opportunity to review it. Open GPS Tracker tracks the area by GPS. For the record, the application is considered a “GPS logger”.

9. Family GPS Tracker by Life360

Family GPS Tracker by Life360 is an award winning program that is used to track your family. The program monitors registered sex offenders who live in your area. Family GPS Tracker proves features that entail more than just tracing people; it contains check-in features that allow you to see your loved ones are safe. Family GPS Tracker won first place in the Android Developer Challenge.

The program works excellent with locating children. Many parents have discovered peace of mind with Family GPS Tracker. If you need to ensure your child is safe, sign into the mapping software to see the exact location of your children. You can see potential threats in the area and configure the program to send alerts when your children are in trouble.

10. Final Words

Final Words is a nifty program if you need to follow someone’s journey as they are travelling through hazardous areas or weather. You can leave the android phone hidden in the vehicle to follow it, and if the vehicle is stolen, you will see the exact location of the vehicle. One notable feature about Final Words is that there is no monthly fee for vehicle tracking. The application is a smart solution that can track cell phones without them knowing it

If you still have your doubts about purchasing GPS tracking applications, it proves wise to prioritize the health and safety of your loved ones. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to gain peace of mind when your children are out for a night on the city or travelling long distances. GPS tracking applications have been known to save lives, and this is proof enough that your next purchase, if you have kids, is to make an investment in the security of your family.

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