Technology Titans: New Gadgets for Daily Life

We don’t need to own a crystal ball to know that technology is changing the way we interact with everything. Even the easily recognizable desktop computer has transformed and dwindled in size, entering mobile devices and smart appliances into our daily lives. Here’s a sample of some of the more dramatic changes already entering electronics stores.

Technology Titans New Gadgets for Daily Life

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A Smart and Connected Home

With every object and appliance in the home being granted an internet IP address on the home network, parts of the home can digitally communicate, turning each other on and off. One example is a keyless entry system unlocking the door of the home in response to a virtual key detected via Bluetooth wireless on a pocketed smartphone. The entry system can also wirelessly turn on entry lighting and hallway heating. This a great feature that has already saved homeowners hundreds in the cost of heating and cooling. Even safes are becoming more automated and digitally updated. A professional at SafeWorld a Division of Dial Locksmith says even technology like fireproof safes and waterproofing are becoming more mainstream.

A Mobile Upheaval

There are new classes of new devices arriving to expand the mobile realm. Satellite smart watches and activity trackers wrap around a fitness enthusiasts wrist and record body metrics, sending the results to the smartphone or an App that displays detailed reports of daily activities. Configuration is a snap thanks to NFC, near field communication, taps between the devices. Low power Bluetooth and WiFi keep the gadgets synchronized, creating a personal area network where notifications and social updates are instantly transmitted.

Virtual Reality VS. Augmented Reality

The proliferation of accelerated tech and GPS chips, internal sensors and outer tracking systems, makes the latest generation of mobiles incredibly aware of location and movement, taking device awareness far beyond simple pedometer Apps. Applying this same technology to the rise of virtual reality helmets and augmented displays, users can see fantasy landscapes move realistically with the turn of a head and virtual objects seamlessly integrating with real optical input when wearing special glasses. This type of technology is used for both military training and of course video games, but it becomes far more common with technology like Google Glass.

3D Printer

This manufacturing tool has become a novelty to some, but an essential device to others. The tech uses a special print head and a supply of raw material to render, layer-by-layer, copies of real-world items. The science behind the technology is still in its infancy, but imagine a field 3D printer carried in a war-zone, unloaded and activated to print a damaged gun part or new rounds of ammunition from waste material laying around. Medical applications include intricate working arteries and replacement organs.

It’s impossible to predict the next wave of technological innovation. The one certainty in the field of technology seems to be an exponential growth reaching epic levels, a rate of invention only limited by imagination.

By Brooke Chaplan

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