Technology in Nursing and the Careers Coming into Play

Nursing is a field that has seen remarkable changes in just the last few years. It’s become increasing important for nurses to understand how to use new technology, especially with the new health information technology (HIT) garnering a lot of attention. It’s a fundamental part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and an item that has been included in the federal budget. Depending on your role as a nurse, it could mean different things to you.

Technology in Nursing and the Careers Coming into Play

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As a clinician, you’ll be expected to learn how to use electronic records to document your patients. This information is vital for sharing information between various practices, and can help patients to get more effective treatment.

Managers are now going to be required to ensure the staff they oversee maintain accurate and timely documentation. The electronic records means everything, and you’ll need to have a good understanding of how these work to fulfill your role.

Electronic Medical Health Record education programs are going to be in increased demand as nurses go back to school to learn advanced tools and procedures. If you’re looking for a career in education, this is a great time to look into the health technology sector and see what might be available.

Patient Care Data Specialist
Nurses who are responsible for analyzing data are going to be required to work as case specialists, case managers, nurse researchers, and risk managers. All of these careers will require you to have effective knowledge of how to use and get the most from electronic records.

Health Technologist
These health technicians are required to perform a wide variety of tasks in the world of medicine. They may have to take medical histories from patients, or they may be required to conduct diagnostic testing. They work in specialized fields, and can often be found working in emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and even veterinary clinics.

Nurse Informaticist
These registered nurses are expected to combine their computer expertise with proven nursing skills. They use computers to create systems that help support nursing care and implement technology in many medical procedures. The purpose is to provide data to improve the overall effectiveness of patient care.
Ultrasound Technician
If you get a medical sonography degree, you’ll like be in high demand since these positions are going to continue to increase as the technology develops. These machines have been used for years, but advancements are making them more effective. With additional schooling and certification, you’ll make yourself more marketable in this career.

Specialists in technology and in implementing technology in health are becoming more prominent in the field of healthcare. As one of these specialists, you’ll likely need to undergo advanced training and, in many cases, need to receive a graduate degree for the best jobs.

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