Technology Fixes Every Novice TechHead Should Know

Whether you’re a novice techhead because of changes in your work responsibilities or your technology at home, you don’t need complicated training to fix a variety of common technology problems. Wow everyone around you with these four handy fixes for you most annoying tech problems.

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Check All Physical Connections

A bad hardware connection is one of the biggest primary causes of different tech problems. For example, if a monitor suddenly experiences color bleed or goes black, the fix might be as simple as pushing a loose cord back into the port on your computer or entertainment service box. If you have a wireless access point system and a pet, you might discover that your pet chewed the power cord that leads from the electrical outlet to the device. In some cases, a physical cable might simply have a bad wire that you can check by swapping cables.

Look for Recent Updates

Outdated software can cause any system to experience errors if it interacts with already updated systems. For example, images and videos might suddenly fail to load in your internet browser because of a software security or bug update. Check for updates on the developer’s website or run an “updates” online keyword search along with the name of the associated software to see if something new has come out.

Power Cycle the Device

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a computer, cable box, or home security system: One of the easiest ways to fix many errors is to simply turn off the device, wait a minute and turn it back on. Sometimes automatic updates to critical programs cause errors unless you restart the system so they take effect. According to the ADT Security Network, power cycling certain systems, like an entertainment or home security box, forces communication between the unit and the service provider and an automatic reset.

Push the Reset Button

Many devices have a tiny manual reset button inset inside of a hole in the back, side, or bottom of the device that returns the unit to factory settings and/or forces a remote connection and return to account settings set up with a service provider. You merely need to press the button with the end of a paperclip for five seconds. Some devices have a reset on-screen option.

There will be times when you need to use device-specific fixes or contact a certified technician for assistance. That said, even experienced technicians typically try these easy solutions before wasting time and money on more extensive hardware and software repairs.

By Eileen O’Shanass

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