Technology and Football of the Future

The face of football is changing. Today video replays are just one of the ways technology is enabling referees to take a second look at incidents to help ensure correct decisions are made. Goal-line technology including the Carios GLT system, goal refs and goal minder’s, using magnetic fields to confirm whether the ball has crossed the goal-line, along with video based systems are also playing a huge part in top flight matches. In the future further technological advances look set to change the way the game is played.

In the future cameras mounted onto player’s kit will provide fans with a new experience as they’ll be able to watch every movement a player makes, while flying camera bugs could be seen following the ball and players giving us a bird’s eye view of the match as it unfolds. Retractable turf cameras are another example of plausible technological advancements that could be installed in pitches to aid referee decisions.

Football may also use technologies which are already being successfully used in other sports, including Hawk-Eye currently used in tennis, to determine whether ball or player is off the pitch or Hot Spots from cricket to make better judgements on fouls and dives.

Technology is here to stay, and despite many people’s reservations as to whether these advancements help or hinder the game, football is one sport where the critics will continue to debate that human involvement and errors are what makes the game so beautiful.



Technology And The Future Of Football by Clubline Football

By Gabriell Thomson

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