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“Back in the days, life was so much simpler,” is probably a line you have grown tired of hearing from your aging parents and grandparents. You want to tell them about the downside of living during those “days” by enumerating the technologies that make life so much easier today, but you’ll only end up hearing about their stubbornness to adapt to these changes. Well, try introducing them to some of the things that this modern world has to offer to everyone, including them:

Video Games. They don’t sound like an elderly’s dream recreation but thanks to game creators for Wii and Kinect, grandma and grandpa can now have their own share of video game euphoria. Both offer games that require physical movements to achieve the goal and ones that help sharpen the mind. Wii Fit Plus and Big Brain Academy Wii Degree are popular Wii games for older adults, while Kinect boasts of game activities such as sports, dance, and fitness. Being physically active is always advisable for our aging loved ones, and it’s an added bonus that doing so releases endorphins to brighten up their moods. Likewise, it’s a great way to bond and socialize with friends or family members.

Social Media. Yep, this everyday devotion of ours can also be shared to the seniors. As Facebook would say it, it’s a really great way to connect with friends, and even our grandparents will find this surprisingly handy. They will love how they can easily contact grandchildren living in another continent, thus keeping them at ease. Being part of a community—even social media—can also give them a sense of belongingness. Plus, the photos they see of old friends and relatives will surely bring them hours of laughter and amusing stories.

Mobile phones with large buttons will surely get thumbs up from your grandpa

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Mobile phones with large buttons will surely get thumbs up from your grandpa.

Cellphone for Seniors. Phone manufacturers are so quick to release newer phone models that consumers won’t even have enough time to maximize the full potential of the ones they have just recently released. But any added feature doesn’t make any impression to the seniors as they won’t be able to enjoy it anyway. What most of them probably do not know is that there are actually senior friendly cellphones out there that are both functional and entertaining for them. For instance, Snapfon Ez One features large buttons and a very accessible SOS button. Samsung also caters to the same market with its Jitterbug, which is popular for tying up with the service provider, GreatCall, which works as personal operator to Jitterbug users. Another option would be the Doro 410, which appears in a sleek design but still has all the functions that senior users would need, like large text display and Bluetooth.

Applications. If you think your grandparents are ready to step it up a little, why not acquaint them with some phone or tablet applications they can have fun with? There are a lot of applications out there that can keep them entertained while sharpening their memories. Some apps that you would want download for them are simple puzzle games, medical reminders, cooking conversion, and most absolutely Skype, keeping in touch with the family will always be a worthwhile activity for them.

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