Tech Trek: The Best Gadgets for Active Lifestyles

Each year, people make resolutions to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. The CDC reports that approximately 78.6 million American adults suffer from obesity. Whether you are looking to shed some pounds or you have a love of health and fitness, there are some trendy gadgets you need to have in your possession.


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A Smartphone with Apps

Approximately 64% of the adult population owns a smartphone. Smartphones have become a popular choice among cellphone users. Smartphones do more than allow users to make phone calls and send text messages. Now, people can use their phones to track their daily fitness and activity.

Smartphone apps allow you to track how many miles you run, how much water you drink, how many calories you consume, and how many calories you burn in a day. Smartphones combined with the right apps can be a beneficial gadget for anyone leading an active lifestyle. Of course, if you plan on working out with your smartphone, you will need to invest in a case that protects your phone from cracks and breaks. To best defend against the wear and tear of active lifestyles, consider using coupons for to get a high-quality case that protects your phone from environmental damage.

Smart Wristbands

If you are not a fan of taking your smartphone anywhere and everywhere with you, consider the smaller, more fashionable use of smart wristbands and watches. Tech enabled wristbands do more than just track your fitness, many of them can also monitor your heart rate, your food intake, your body mass index, and even the quality of your sleep.

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is all about paying attention to several factors. You need to feed and hydrate your body in order to lead an active lifestyle. You also need the proper amount of sleep in order to keep your brain focused on fitness and activity. Smart enabled wristbands are surprisingly lightweight and fashionable, making them a top-choice gadget for many active men and women.

Smart Jewelry

Smart wristbands and phones may not seem all that amazing to those who are already so familiar with the fast-moving world of technology. However, a cool gadget for any active person is smart jewelry. There is a nifty gadget on the market that looks quite similar to a piece of jewelry or even a belt that enables you to avoid too much sun exposure.

When you are out and about running, jogging, walking, or performing other active exercises, you may forget how much time has passed until it is too late. By the time you are ready to pack it up and head home, your skin may already have a bright red hue to it.

Fortunately, smart jewelry alerts you when you have had too much sun by sending alerts to your smartphone via a mobile phone app. Once you have reached your limit, you know it is time to apply sunscreen or head home.

By Emma Sturgis

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