Tech Hacks You Should Know for Your Personal Laptop

Keeping your laptop running optimally can help you to squeeze every last ounce of power from your machine. An ideally configured computer will reduce bottlenecks between the processor, RAM, and hard drive. In the past, the hard drive was typically the slowest part of the machine. With the advent of SSD drives, this has become less of a concern.

Tech Hacks You Should Know for Your Personal Laptop

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Use a Computer Case

It’s a common misconception that using a case on your computer will cause it to overheat more quickly. This actually isn’t true. A case helps to protect your hardware from debris, which is one of the main reasons for overheating. Use a case designed for your laptop, and you can reduce the amount of dust and debris that accumulates.

Discover Saved Website Passwords

Using Chrome, you can right-click on any masked passwords, select “Inspect Element” and change the “password” input type field to “text” to see the password in plain-text. This is very useful if you ever need to discover one of your saved passwords that you’ve forgotten. The password will show up as plain-text in the password login field and can also be useful for parents who need to track their children’s activity online.

Control Panel Shortcuts

Ever wanted to view shortcuts for the control panel in the file manager? Just create a folder and name it “Control Panel Shortcuts {ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}”. The folder will add a new context menu that shows all of the control panel shortcuts for your system. This can make it easy to make changes to your operating system and these shortcuts will make it easy to find any of the commands you need to use on a regular basis. Change your screen resolution, modify the name of your hard drive, and change your desktop background with ease.

Switch to Linux to Prolong Life

If you have an old computer that you’re getting ready to send to the technology graveyard, breathe new life into the system by installing Linux. The operating system uses less battery power, operates more efficiently, and with cloud-based apps it can keep you productive on the road. An IT company like IT services in Ottawa can help you install this operating system if you’re not up for the task yourself. Linux also provides a very safe environment for browsing the internet and using websites that could otherwise expose your private information.

Getting the most out of your computer can increase your productivity. Learning how your computer works can increase your level of expertise and the amount of enjoyment you get from your computer.

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