Tech Breakthroughs in Home Security

When you use a remote monitoring app, you can watch your home from a remote location. When you are on a beach that is thousands of miles away from your home, you can receive videos of your home in real-time. Some monitoring systems can send you emergency alerts. The system can send you a message if there is a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. You can stream the security camera footage, and you will know if an intruder is in your home. Some security systems can also enable and disable your security system.

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Smart locks are one of the best inventions in modern history. The locks can use Bluetooth technology to automatically detect your presence. Some digital locks can sync with your home automation system. Wi-Fi locks have more features, but Bluetooth locks are more secure.

Smart Garage Door

A smart garage system can be plugged into your router. Your computer can detect the device. When the app is registered with the provider, you can control the garage with your Apple or Android phone. You do not have to leave your spare key outside. You can open your garage door from any location. The sensors can also let you know how long your garage door has been open.

Home Sensors
Home sensors can detect your presence when you open and close a door in your home. The sensors can be controlled from a remote location. They can also detect movement in your rooms and hallways. When the security system is enabled, the sensors will alert you of any movements inside your home. Motion sensors also have an indoor siren. The sensors can give you audio and visual warnings.

Most smart cameras can stream live feeds. You can archive the footage, and you can upload the recording to the cloud. When the footage is stored in the cloud, you can view it when you need it.

Biometric Scanners

A few decades ago, biometric technology was a futuristic concept. Today, many large companies depend on biometric scanners. The technology is also in mobile phones and tablets. Fingerprint door locks are a great alternative to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi locks.

The top home security systems can control your thermostats, security cameras, lights, locks and your mobile devices. You can monitor your home while you are sipping tropical drinks on the beach.

By Rachael Murphey

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