Tantrix Puzzles

Tantrix Puzzles
If you thought Su Doku was the biggest and most addictive craze sweeping the country, then you have to get your hands on Tantrix.

Like all truly great games, Tantrix is very, very simple to play, it can take from a few seconds to half an hour to complete a game, it’s highly compelling, and yet there are very few rules. Containing a series of hexagonal tiles, each marked with a series of coloured lines and curves, Tantrix is a puzzle solving game.

Tantrix Discovery is the basic starter set. It comes with a 10 tiles in a neat chrome desk-top holder and is the one that if you’ve never played before, will let you in gently, get you utterly hooked, and make you want to get your hands on Tantrix Xtreme which is much harder.

Tantrix Xtreme also has ten tiles, but unlike Discovery, it comes with no clues, so will get your grey matter steaming much harder.

You can have this for £18.99

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