Sure Shot: 3 New Gadgets for Creative Photographers

When we spend money on certain items we want to make sure they are the best and usually of good quality. Photographers definitely want to use the latest gadgets. Photographers who work weddings are especially interested in the latest gadgets to take creative pictures that please their clients.


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If you are a photographer who takes wedding pictures, you need the best quality equipment out there to ensure your pictures and your clients’ special day is not ruined by poor quality pictures. As a wedding photographer you know how important it is to produce quality pictures. And as a professional photographer, you are more than likely always looking for new gadgets to enhance your pictures. There are a number of new gadgets on the market to make your pictures come out looking exceptionally well.

The Tripod

The Tripod is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for any professional photographer. It is very important when dealing with long exposure times or if you want to take pictures while standing for long periods of time. A tripod is helpful so you don’t have to carry around a heavy lens around your neck. Night time photography is almost impossible without a tripod because of the nighttime vision. A tripod is cheaper than an image stabilizing lens and you and your clients are more likely to be pleased with the results. Some new gadgets for tripods include the Manfrotto 458B Neotec Pro Photo Tripod. This is designed for the professional in mind. It is good for both format cameras. It is lightweight and perfect for all kinds of usage.

The Hama Star 75 is a very inexpensive but reliable tripod. If you are an amateur or just starting out in the wedding photography business and are unable to spend a lot of money, you may want to look at the Hana Star 75.

Heavy Duty Professional Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head for Camera/Video

This is for the serious or professional wedding photographer. If you have a lot of clients, this tripod is for you. It helps keep your camera steady which is very important when taking wedding pictures. The ball head is actually a bonus allowing the perfect panoramic images and different positions for you to take for weddings inside and outside. The only disadvantage is the weight of the tripod.

Lensbaby SLR Lenses

These lenses combine a simple lens with a bellows mechanism for special effect. It’s much cheaper than a tilt-shift lens if you don’t have one.

White Balance Filter

This is idea when using a digital camera. If you are shooting a wedding located on a beautiful landscape, white balance filter is a great gadget to have. The filter is convenient, fast, and easy to use.

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