Superb Battery Life and High Performance with HP Stream 11

The HP Stream 11 gives look of an expensive laptop, has excellent battery life, 1TB of ONE Drive online storage and one year of Microsoft Office 365. It aims at being a cloud focused laptop like Chromebook with additional utility of Window8. It is a very low budget laptop but has impressive battery life. Chromebook is straightforward. There is no point paying extra for operating system of Microsoft’s Window 8 when you just need an access to web browser. Its touchpad is normally finicky and onboard 32GB SSD is quite small for casual use too.


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HP is presently promoting new HP line known as Stream and can be bought online using snapdeal discount coupons. These laptops are sold as Chromebook-style devices for low power use online having additional utility of Window 8.HP Stream 11 is claimed to be cloud friendly which actually implies that these are too under powered for running lot of standard apps. The streams have codes for one year subscription for Microsoft Office 365 and online storage of 1 TB for a year through OneDrive service of Microsoft.

It has low resolution 11.6 inch display and runs Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and minuscule 32GB storage of solid state. Half of this is consumed by related files and operating system. It is not ideal for storing big files locally or for large applications. But slot for SDcard can be used for adding extra 16 or 32GB of space. You might opt for this because Windows apps like Office, Photoshop or iTunes can be installed by you. These may not perform efficiently but can be used when needed.

Other products o this family are 7-inch and 8-inch tablets, running Intel Atom CPUs with7-inch model and13-inch version of Stream laptop having similar spec. Overall performances comparable to basic Windows 8hybrids or present-gen Chromebooks. The Stream11 has one killer feature. It ran for eight hours on battery drain test which is good keeping modest expectations in mind.

The HP Stream 11 appears nice and is covered with matte blue pattern having dotted gradient on keyboard tray. Body is strong enough to be safe for travel with. It weights 1.3 kg and is cool while running. Island- style keys have limited wobbling under fingers and deep click for the finger-form typing.

Connections, performance, and battery

You cannot expect more than pair of USB ports, SD card slot, combo audio jack and HDMI output for quite a steep price. If you require more than 10GB storage space, SD card slot is useful. It is slightly slow laptop compared to budget laptops.

The Stream 11 performed well on basic tasks as long as expectations were not high. When compared to low cost Windows laptops while running Window apps and also compared to latest Chromebooks, The Stream 11 worked fairly well for the tasks like writing documents and the e-mail. Get the coupon codes for getting maximum discounts at Biggest surprise was battery life of The Stream 11. It ran for just below 8 hours, longer than expected and also longer than many Chromebooks and the low cost Window laptops.

By Vinod Kumar

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