Super Scrabble

Super Scrabble

The best selling word game of all time has just been super-sized. This classic board game for wordsmiths has been pumped up with not only a much bigger playing board, but 200 letter tiles and the wicked addition of quadruple letter squares – enabling you to launch your score into the stratosphere.

Shunning earlier and rather horrid plastic versions, this upgrade has happily returned to the more traditional and considerably more tactile wooden tiles and tile racks, which are much more satisfying to play with. As there are far more tiles than in the original version it’s now quite possible to play with more than four players (although for some reason they still only give you four tile racks), making this super-size Scrabble set even more challenging than before. A classic game made even better.

You can have this for £34.95 – Approx USD $62.91 / €51.73

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  1. Excellent! Now me losing at scrabble will last for longer than ever before 🙂

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