Super gadget Vuzix iWear

Vuzix iWear promises to be fantastic! This gadget allows you to watch whatever you like whenever you like giving you the best audiovisual experience.

Vuzix iWear

Vuzix iWear replicate the effect of watching a big screen from a safe viewing distance and it come with integrated (but removable) earphones.

Vuzix iWear models:

Vuzix Wrap 230

  • Vuzix Wrap 230
    Versatile viewer
    Perfect for hooking up to portable DVD players, gaming systems, iPods and iPhones, Wrap 230 contain a virtual (60Hz picture) display equivalent to a 46″ screen viewed from 10ft. Seeing is disbelieving. There’s also built-in focus for each eye; perfect for those of you that wear glasses. What’s more, these sleek babies feature on-screen video and audio controls. And don’t worry if you’re a Peter Jackson fan because a two AA batteries provides up to 6 hours of viewing juice, and two lithium batteries gives up to 16 hours.

Vuzix Wrap 280 Widescreen

  • Vuzix Wrap 280 Widescreen
    Widescreen wonders, regular shades!
    Despite looking like cool sports shades, Wrap 280s pack a serious technological punch. These discreet bad boys display both 2D and 3D video in 4:3 and 16:9 ratios via twin high-resolution 384 x 240 LCD widescreen displays. Slip them on and prepare to be gobsmacked as you gawp at a virtual display equivalent to a 51” screen viewed from 9ft. Compatible with almost any video-spewing device, including the iPhone, Wrap 280s will crank out up to 6 hours of video from a pair of AA alkaline batteries. What’s more, these smart cyber-shades feature on-screen video and audio controls.

Vuzix Wrap 920

  • Vuzix Wrap 920
    The big picture – without the big shades!
    If you’re looking for the ultimate big screen experience without looking like Geordi off Star Trek’s biggest fan, look no further than Wrap 920s. Fashioned to resemble regular sunglasses, these sleek shades are capable of replicating the effect of a huge 67″ screen viewed from approximately 9ft. Wow! Despite their lack of heft, these versatile specs are compatible with almost any video device, from iPods, iPhones and portable DVD players to camcorders and gaming systems. Believe us, once you’ve watched a movie in crystal clear high resolution 2D and 3D via twin widescreen displays, you’ll never want to take your 920s off – except perhaps to rub your eyes in total amazement.

iWear VR920

  • iWear VR920
    Virtual reality becomes, er, a reality
    Online gamers will love the VR920s as they have been designed to bring pixellated worlds to life like never before. As well as containing a virtual 62″ screen, these incredible plug and play specs allow you to enter virtual worlds and communicate with others as if you’re in the thick of the action. An integrated 3 Degree of Freedom (DOF) head-movement tracker and built-in microphone deliver the ultimate interactive online experience.

All the models are available on

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  1. would like to try this, I’m sceptic…

  2. This gadget is really cool. It saves your hands on getting tired while holding your ipod for example while watching a 1-hour or so movie. But what I worry about it is, won’t it make you dizzy watching on a screen so close to your eyes? What’s the screen resolution in the lens? Does the picture seem really close?

  3. isn’t it dangerous? I mean, you can use it only at home…

  4. I think its a little dangerous too. I feel dizzy just thinking about it! Maybe I’m old fashioned and all, but it just reminds me of growing up and my folks telling me not to sit close to the tv else I’ll get square eyes!! Its way too close to the eyes man!

  5. Amazing gadget!

  6. LasVegas Towing Services

    This is the future of technology, simply mind blowing stuff. 🙂

  7. Interesting I’ve heard of this before but got lost somewhere in the back of my mind, seems like it’s worth a shot, thanks.

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