Super Films to DVD

If you have 8 mm film you will love this post. The technologies advanced in the last years and rally made our lives better and better. Now there are new technologies in every field and the movies industries is not an exception.

Now you can have a 8mm converted in to a DVD fast and affordable.

I just stumbled upon a super 8 film to dvd a service for transferring 8mm films to DVDs. They offer super 8 film transfers to digital.

The process is very simple and you have an option to transfer the information without a quality loss. They use a 2K Super 8 scanner which offers a great level of denials.

And nowadays a lot of people have 4K TVs so it is a shame not to enjoy our favorite films with a high quality. Super 8 film were made from 1960’s to 1970’s and a lot of great films were made in this period.  It will be a shame to lose all these great movies so they must be converted especially if you have precious family’s memories.

Transferring the Super 8 films to digital is a complex process because those films which have 800 to 1000 lines of resolution must be scanned at 1080 lines at a minimum to get 100% of the Super 8 film resolution.

Obviously the resolution will affect the film’s quality. So the better the scanner the better the quality. In plus the ones making the transfer should find a way to compensate for the quality loss caused by original film recording issues or issues from degradation over time.

I usually like to do things myself but to transfer Super 8 films to digital you need professional equipment.




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