Streaming Server

The streaming server – Media Server 3.5 program is high-value and performance streaming media with a video software used in most computer screens. It is compatible to various devices such as mobile and computer devices. The program has superior characteristics, functionality and benefits to the users.


Media Server 3.5 version has different features that make it more unique and different from other versions. This diverse features help in creating engaged viewer experiences, to capture huge audiences and produce amazing video-messaging programs and services.

Some of the features include:

  • Media streaming server 3.5 version is capable of delivering live audio and video streams to any user, over various protocol and different devices. This is possible from a single source of live stream.
  • The applications has new add on features such as media security, digital rights management, silver light multicast players and closed capturing which absolutely innovated to suit the technological trend.
  • The program is also compatible to any encoder. It can work with free encoder software, MPEG-TS hardware that are broadcast-grade and you are provided with an option of choosing the most preferred and best encoding solution for your software.

Through the use of Media Server 3.5 application, you are able to deliver a viewing experience of time shifting. This means that you can rewind, pause and resume the live streams that you make in any given device. In addition, you can easily extend the DVR Add On to make up your preferred premium TV services.

Media Server 3.5 version of streaming server is incredible software to use in any given electronic device. The program gives a variety of features and choices to you in which you can make several live stream catch ups. In the modern society, technology innovation has taken different market shapes and trends. This is the main reason why this program version provides add on features to suit everyone using it.

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