Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

Many companies and industries will be able to further develop the technological trends which will swoop the world. The technology we use today is the bedrock for the ones that are yet to come, but are strategic technologies really evolving so fast? Apparently so, because as the new year walked in, we can already see that things are shifting and that newer technologies are already en route. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that not all new technical advancements can be graded as great and that sometimes, we need time to pass to see if the new changes are worth it.


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The possibility of computing wherever

Because the smartphone technologies are advancing quite rapidly, it comes as no surprise that many users are switching over to using their phones and handheld devices when working. With the possibility of computing anywhere, it is possible to make almost any surface, and any gadget into a tool that will help you with your work. However, the most important aspect of computing everywhere is the user experience, not just the gadgets used.

The Internet of Things

Having a vast knowledge available at almost any point in time, and almost anywhere requires a lot of background work and a lot of vps hosting. Moreover, as the Internet is developing, we can expect to see that the focus of digital businesses will shift towards products and services becoming more dependent and reliant on the Internet. In other words, it means that technology will be soon embedded everywhere, and it will become a crucial part of life, not just work.


The future of printing

With the ability to print almost anything in 3D, and without having to use a lot resources or without having to pay a lot, it comes as no surprise that 3D printing will be a trend that will make the industry bloom. Expect to see that bioengineering and consumer application will help industries create products and services which are tailored more precisely, and which will help reduce overall operating costs in the long run.

The power of analytics

Even though it might seem that only companies can benefit from the ever-present analytics, which is going to change in the near future. Almost any device and app will have to create its unique pool of data from which it can not only answer the big questions, but also work on asking the big questions as well. As the Internet will become an internal part of life in general, it is only to be expected that analytics will get more advanced, pervasive and in the end, invisible.

Reactive and rich context

As the technology evolves, it will soon become reality to experience context and content which will be aware of its surrounding, making sure to give a more pleasurable and more enjoyable experience. However, the most prominent branch that will benefit from context-rich systems will be the industries focused on security; they will be able to create systems which will react in real-time and which will be able to give a higher level of security anywhere.

Smart machines

The age of the smart machines is dawning upon us, and soon enough, thanks to analytics and context-rich systems, we will be able to most of our work, and chores, while comfortably sitting somewhere. Moreover, smart machines will be able to learn for themselves, making it even easier to operate them, furthermore, those machines will be able to adapt and to evolve so that they can better themselves. On the other hand, the smart technology will be probably frowned upon as it will be one of the most troublesome technologies to be dealt with and developed in the history of IT.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.

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