Steps To Keep Your Windows 7 PC Safe

Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft Corporation for Personal Computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The latest version is simply great in terms of display, style, features, compatibility, and security. However, additional security is required to keep the Windows 7 installed PC safe from malware and hacker attacks. There are numerous procedures available to secure the PC from hacker attacks, A recent experiment was carried out by German Federal Office for Information Security to ensure the best security measures for a Windows PC.


The German Federal Office for Information Security took 2 Personal Computers with latest version of Windows 7 being installed. Both the PCs featured preloaded Microsoft Security Essentials complete version. Let’s assign name to these PCs as PC1 and PC2.

At first, PC1 was considered and operated. Some installation of latest version software items are carried out. The software items installed includes Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Libre Office, and Adobe Flash Player. The Java-Runtime was entirely disabled. The PC user settings was transformed to ‘restricted’.

Next, PC2 was operated. In this PC, no installation of Google Chrome was carried out. The default browser, Internet Explorer 9 was enough for the purpose. It featured Adobe Reader that runs out of date. The Libra Office suit was also a year old version and never upgraded. Same can be said about Adobe Flash Player. However, the PC’s Java Runtime Environment was enabled (but it’s also an year old and never got updated). This PC user settings was set to ‘administrator’ mode.

After configuring both these PCs, they were used to visit a wide range of websites that have a bad reputation in the virtual world for being malware and virus affected. Different malicious contents likeBlackhole Exploit Kit, PDF Exploits, Java, and Flash Exploits, as well several download links to malware sites are nurtured with. This lead to some real unbelievable results.

The end results proved the fact that it’s totally possible to harden and protect a Personal Computer to repel hacker and malware attacks. The steps are very simple. Anyone can follow such steps for their PCs to prevent protection against malware and hacker attacks. Let’s observe the 6 easy steps to keep the user PC running on Windows 7 safe and sound from Hackers’ Attack:

Step 1: Never forget to update the Windows 7 OS at least once every month. Microsoft keeps releasing the patches for Windows Operating Systems every month. Simply enable the ‘update windows’ tab and things will continue automatically.

Step 2: Install a well reputed Antivirus suit. It is always better to install Microsoft Security Essentials. This antivirus tool is available for free.

Step 3: It is better to install Google Chrome and carryout the browsing using this particular web browser only.

Step 4: It is better to disable Java.

Step 5: Update every installed software programs on a timely basis. It can be quite a tedious task but to ensure a PC’s security, it needs to be done. The task gets a hell lot easier if Secunia PSI software program is installed in the PC. It automatically scans the systems and makes a list of outdated programs. It even helps the user to search for updates.

Step 6: Always carryout web browsing using the ‘restricted’ user account status and never as ‘administrator’.

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