Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing Machine

How about a gym gadget?

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower


Rowing machines are a great way to increase the health of your entire body, both inside and out.

A rowing machine is designed to imitate actual boat rowing so that it feels as if you are pushing oars through water as you use the machine.

These machines are the perfect fitness equipment both for loosing weight and improving stamina, as well as burning calories and rehabilitating muscles, ligaments and joints after an injury.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower features

  • Precision-extruded aluminum beam and deluxe ball-bearing roller system
  • Smooth hydraulic cylinder action; adjustable tension controls
  • Pivoting foot plates for added comfort
  • Monitor shows speed, distance, time, row count, calories burned, and miles rowed
  • Source Visual Spread.

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    1. license plate topper

      These machines give pretty much most of your body a workout. Its an awesome cardio. My mom has one of thses I use every time I go to her house. Call me cheap for not buying one myself.

    2. Fitness Rowing machine

      Personally I like Rowing machine too than treadmill…thank for share!

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