Stale Smartphone? 5 Ways to Deck It Out

Smartphones were once the newest, hottest thing, but now that everyone has them and the designs haven’t changed much in the last few years, you might be finding yourself getting a little bored with yours. Here are five of the coolest ways to deck out your stale smartphone.

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1. New Case

Smartphone cases have been around since the inception of smartphones, and you likely already have one for your phone. But consider switching it out for something different – there are truly some creative alternatives out there. A new case can make even an old phone look like a new one. You can even create custom cases with images you provide yourself from certain vendors and services.

2. Change Your Icons

You can change your phone’s display icon themes whether you own an iPhone or an Android device. There are launchers and apps you can use to do this automatically, or you can even download and install third-party icons manually or create your own for even more flexibility. All you need are some image files. You can do this to just one specific app where you don’t like the icon or every app on your phone.
3. Customize Your Lock Screen and Wallpaper

Like with the cases, you’ve probably already changed your lock screen and wallpaper images from the manufacturer-set ones, but changing them to something more interesting and personalized is a good way to spruce up your smartphone. You can find themes online and customize the icons to your interests.
4. Prepaid Sim Cards

You can buy a prepaid sim card data plan on your phone in order to not be forced into expensive data plans and contracts with a specific carrier. This saves you substantial monthly costs in the long run but often means you must pay the full cost of the phone up front and can violate warranties or service agreements if your contract with a specific carrier is not yet up. You can also install a new sim card if you plan on moving or travelling a lot to a foreign country to ensure you get phone service there.
5. New Apps

More and more new apps are being designed and released to the major smartphone app stores constantly. There are sure to be some new ones you’ve never heard of but that could be very beneficial to your everyday life or provide you with endless hours of entertainment. Watch some app gameplay videos online or look make some Google searches. You might just find an addicting game to look forward to.

There are plenty of ways to make your stale smartphone seem new and exciting again, including options not mentioned here, like personalized engraving and customized settings. Hopefully making a few changes here and there will make you fall in love with your smartphone all over again.

By Dixie Somers

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