Speak Languages of the World with Electronic Language Translators

For an ultra modern, international traveler, there is nothing like a gadget, assisting you in learning foreign phrases and words, providing audio support to take care of your pronunciation as well, and all this comes fully loaded in the voyager2 electronic language translator.

So here is a device that gives you freedom from the tension and worry associated with learning a foreign dialect in order to convey your message to the people in their language!! One of the many latest gadgets developed for world travelers.

It has an easy to use keyboard with an easy to view display, making your life simpler! You can browse through and search from among 240,000 words and 27000 phrases in 12 different languages, amazing isn’t it?

That’s not all; it has other features like basic metric conversions, currency and clothing conversions, proving to be a friend in need and very useful cool gifts!

Although the speaker provides a crystal clear sound, with unmatched quality, yet you can also make use of the earphones to take the audio output. It also features a backlight, for easy readability in the dark, and to top all this you have a truly gigantic LCD screen, making it easy for you to read language details.

The voyager2 comes with an inbuilt 32 k data base, which enables you to keep records like phone numbers, addresses, memos and appointments, now what else can one yearn for on a foreign tour? And there is more to it, it even acts as your personal entertainer, with its in-built standard games, you can enjoy and have fun- on the move.

There is a myriad of other features like number puzzles, auto powering off, 6 travel games, world time of over 200 cities located all over the world, and 12 digit calculator, packaged in a soothing leather case, all set to take your breath away!

Isn’t it your ultimate companion, a friend always there to help you out on your international holidays and foreign tours? You don’t even need to care about its charging as it runs on 2 AAA sized batteries, which last from 2-4 weeks, depending upon your usage and are easily available anywhere in the world. This multilingual device supports the following languages

• English
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Italian
• Greek
• Russian
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Arabic
• Hebrew

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    The Voyager 2 is the ideal device for the modern international traveler, you can learn foreign words and phrases at the push of a button, while helping you learn how to pronounce all the foreign words. All words are announced clearly with the push of one button. This very useful traveling gadget pronounces every single character for you instantly. You no longer have to worry about learning a foreign alphabet in order to speak with others in another language.

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