Space Cadet Defender HD – The coolest free version of space invaders that I've found

This week I came across with a super entertaining and interesting version of the space invaders game called Space Cadet Defender HD, I have to say that this game is responsible for having me awake till late hours at night, the best part I think is the fact that it can be downloaded from your smartphone being completely portable.

Space Cadet Defender HD

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I must warn you that this game is very addictive and it provides a lot of entertainment and fun; if you think you can handle it I invite you to stay here with me as I will be telling the details of this amazing app.

Some of the cool things that you will find on this game are the HD graphics (yes high definition), easiness to play, the intuitiveness of the controls and the 100+ challenging levels that you can play at. This game is about destroying alien space ships and as you move up in the levels you’ll get more and more medals; with enough medals some upgrades can be purchased in order to make the game experience even better. One of the things that I really liked about this app is that just when you think that the danger passed a new and stronger enemy appears to increase the adrenaline level.

Space Cadet Defender HD can be played either on iOS or Android devices; the app is completely free and can be downloaded from the App Store or the Android Market, the only requirement is a multi-touch screen. This app has a 4.4 average rating out of 5 on the Google Play website. The content rate is for everyone and more than 50,000 people have installed it in the last 30 days. People’s comments about the game are positive and seems like everyone (including myself) is enjoying this app.

Discover what this cool game has to offer

Here I would like to tell you more details about the cool features that this game has, I want you to be prepared to have a wonderful gaming experience.

  • HD Graphics: The graphics of the game are great, they help to improve the gaming experience, and the attention to the details of each space ship is enormous.
  • Dynamic Game: If one thing can be said about this game is that it is very dynamic. You’ll have a hard time trying to avoid the enemies’ bullets; this adds fun and adrenaline to the whole equation.
  • 100+ unique levels: This is astonishing, the game has more than 100 challenging levels, the more you go up the more challenging they become.
  • Powerful upgrades: The upgrades are something that I discovered after a little while of using the game; these allow you to increase the power of the shots, the speed of the ship, the shield, the energy bar, and more. Each upgrade will serve for a few numbers of levels but as you go up, more and more updates will be required. You don’t need your credit card for this, the updates are “bought” with medals, and these are obtained as you destroy enemies.
  • Boss levels: I love this, at some levels the game presents a bunch of enemies and after destroying them all a boss appears rising up the bar. These levels are surprise and they happen every once in a while.


The tremendous amount of fun is amazing with Space Cadet Defender HD

This game is definitely a must for all, there is no excuse for not having it since it is free and fantastic. I literally can spend hours playing it and every time I get to a new level the challenge is bigger and better. I have found the upgrades to be awesome and the capabilities they give to the ship are amazing; the overall experience is wonderful and once you start with this game you won’t stop. Have fun!

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