Sony PRS505S eBook Reader the new way to read

Ebooks are becoming very popular because of their main benefit: instant access.

When a paper book is released you have order it and wait until it is delivered. The delivering process can take even weeks if you live far away form the place where the book is.

For ebooks you don’t have to wait: just pay the book and it is delivered instantly.

That is why electronic gadgets for reading are selling very well.

Sony PRS505S eBook Reader is slim, lightweight and compact and it lets you store and take stacks of books with you wherever you go. You can download up to 160 books you’ve purchased from the internet to its memory.

Sony PRS505S eBook Reader Silver

Sony PRS505S eBook Reader Key Features

  • Battery lifeHow long the battery lasts for until it needs recharging   Up to 7,500 page turns (when reading only; usage may vary) 
  • Dimensions   H175 x W122 x D8mm 
  • Finish   Silver 
  • Memory card slotGreater amount of slots means more variety of card formats can be used   SD, Memory stick 
  • Power supply   Rechargeable lithium battery 
  • Weight   260g 

The Sony eBook reader uses impressive e Ink technology to create the look of traditional print on its 6” screen, so it’s just like reading real paper. There’s no backlight so there’s no strain on your eyes, no flickering screen to distract you – for a really relaxing read you can even take it outside on a sunny day.

Because of the eBook’s ability to play MP3 files, you can even listen to your favorite tracks as you enjoy the latest page turner.


This is a recommended gadget for people who enjoys reading and traveling.

If you are using this tech gadget just for reading the battery life is enough to read hundreds of books. I don’t know how much the battery will last is you are listening to audiobooks.

I think ebook readers have a beautiful future because more and more people are concern by protecting the environment and they want to reduce the quantity of paper. Also this little device is appreciated by the ones who want their book delivered right away.

Pricing and availably info

Right now Sony PRS505S eBook Reader cost £199 and you can find it at Also it is available at

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