Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth stereo wireless headphones

Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth stereo wireless headphones are affordable, great-sounding headphones with cool, fun looks to match your lifestyle.

Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth stereo wireless headphones

If you’re a runner or like to listen to music during physical activities, you and can stream music from a Bluetooth friendly MP3 player or cellphone.

The headphones includes a built-in mic. This allow you to make or take calls if you are using it with a phone, and a set of playback buttons for remotely skipping tracks or adjusting the volume.

DR-BT14Q Active Bluetooth Wireless headphones features:

  • Fun, affordable in-ear headphone with great Sony sound quality
  • EX33LP available in five high-fashion colors; EX35LP three colors
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds for secure fit and long-term wear comfort
  • EX33LP includes extra-small earbuds for smaller ear sizes
  • 9mm EX driver unit for wide dynamic range and deep bass
  • Convenient cord adjuster and cord slider to prevent tangling

The Sony DR-BT160AS Active Stereo Headphones will be available in the stores next month.

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  1. great looking product, i will deffo be having a set of these, will make my life so much easier when im out jogging, wonder how much they are?

  2. I think those headphones are really hot and convenient. I am definetly going to try and buy a pair soon. That is really cool. Thanks for the information.

  3. So any device that support bluetooth can stream music to this player? I have a htc phone with bluetooth and I was told it was not compatible..

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    Hmm this looks good not sure how it will work. I really dont bluetooth that much.

    It gives me the jitters most of the time. I think that the classic phone to the ear is the best way to talk.

    I must admit though that is useful but not for me.

  5. Well I think this does save you from the radiation that a mobile emits?

    Wait, does it? I heard that it does. I think then it would be a great boon.

  6. This is seriously cool and I think this can make things a lot more easier for people who travel.

    I think this is what most of us wanted when we used to fret about stopping our vehicles and talking.

  7. I just bought a set of these at the Sony Style store. I must admit that they are AWESOME! Once you learn about A2DP and how to properly use it, it is a breeze. You must read the instructions, they are not a use right out of the box product. Although they come with a partial charge, be sure to charge them completely before using as they tend to shut themselves off as they please without a full charge.

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