Sonic Sound Sizzlers Noise-Magnets

Sizzlers Noise-MagnetsSonic Sound Sizzlers Noise-Magnets

Just take this simple pair of oblong (football-shaped) ellipsoid magnets, separate them with your thumb, toss them in the air and they come enthusiastically together in a a mid-air collision and emit a variety of mysterious noises while continually striving to stay in perfect balance with each other.

Besides being a fun toy, desk toy, or stress reliever others have found them to be useful for magnetic therapy (pain & inflammation reduction, healing enhancement, increased blood conductivity & circulation, lumbago, rheumatism, stiff joints, grounding, divination.)

The magnetic field of these hematite magnets is so strong that when you place one magnet in your palm and the other on the back of your hand, they hold their position. This makes them great for therapeutically use.You will receive 4 in total 2 x Packs Also great for science experiments or just as magnetic oddities.

Color: Deep charcoal / black color with an ultra smooth finish. Material: Highly polished hematite magnet material Approx. size: 5/8″ Dia. x 1 3/4″ long

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