Some all time favorite sidekicks and wingmen in video games

Throughout the decades in comics, movies, and books, the hero’s sidekick has been an important element in the story. The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Batman had Robin, and the Green Hornet had Kato. The tradition continues in gaming; as the hero’s wingman is called on to help him out. Here are some of the favorite sidekicks in video games.


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Sully, in the Uncharted Series

As Nathan Drake pursues his flying adventures around the world, his sidekick Victor Sullivan ("Sully"), is his faithful companion. The duo travel together, facing life-threatening adventures, hunting for treasure, enduring plane crashes, and foiling hundreds of enemies. Having a loyal sidekick who provides witty dialog makes it all more fun.

Navi, in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

When this game was released in 1998, the concept of a 3-dimensional world in the game was fairly new. That’s where your sidekick, Navi, came in. This sweet, helpful fairy was continually assisting with what to do next, how to work the controls, or even helpful hints when you reached an impasse. What more do you want in a sidekick?

Ellie, in the Last of Us

In this post-apocalyptic game, the hero Joel has lost everything, but has a sidekick kid named Ellie. The two of them make their way through the burned out world, and along the way they exchange some of the best game dialog ever. Whether they are observing the scene, or strategizing their next move, it is obvious there is a special bond between them. Ellie may just be the most lovable sidekick ever.

Maya Fey, in the Ace Attorney Series

Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney, skilled at getting his clients acquitted. What they may not realize is how much of his success is due to his assistant and sidekick, Maya Fey. He may be making a fool of himself in court, until she gives him the clever advice that turns the case around. The fact that she is a spirit medium certainly comes in useful, too.

Sheva Alomar, in Resident Evil 5

In this action game, you need to shoot a lot of bad guys and undead creatures. This would be a lot harder without your sidekick Sheva Alomar. She is a local, who knows the territory and can help you get around. She can also assist when you are low on ammunition or health. Best of all, Sheva Alomar knows how to get out of your way when you’re shooting – a good quality for a sidekick.

Bentley, in the Sly Cooper series

Sly Cooper is the thieving raccoon who is the star of these games, but they would be nothing without his sidekick Bentley. Bentley is the one who plans all the missions, and he’s the one who gets through the firewalls into the enemy’s lair. He even had to overcome some serious adversity, playing in a wheelchair in one game. Sometimes the sidekick can steal the show.

Clementine, in the Walking Dead

What do you do if you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and have to take care of a child? That’s the situation for Lee Everett, who is accompanied by an 8-year old named Clementine. As the game goes on, our hero becomes more attached to the child, taking on something of a father figure role, as they try to find out what happened to her parents.

We love sidekicks and wingmen in video games because they complete the action of the game and they create a connection with the main player. In most situations, the relationship because really tight, almost unbreakable. Bottom line, a video game would be so boring without a sidekick to spice things up a bit.

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