Solving your site technical problems

Do you have technical problems with your sites or blogs?

You can hire extra help to solve any tech problems of your websites. Freelance Businessman is a site owned by Joyel Puryear a 23years old web developer from Georgia which offers technical support to individuals and businesses from all around the world.

The offered services are custom design, custom coding, custom programming, custom integration and web hosting.

Freelance Businessman is the right solution when you need:

  • Website development: development or re-development of your site or blog, coding and programming, graphic design.
  • Application development: web application development and re-development, desktop application development and re-development.
  • Custom pre-built designs and coding: layout coding, design, Myspace layout coding/design, Skinning/layout integration.
  • Consultation and troubleshooting: problem solving and advices.
  • Marketing: SEO strategy reports, link building, ad posting.
  • Hosting: hosting (shared, dedicated, managed), hosting setup/hosting configuration, domain name registration.
  • Web graphic design: logos, banners, layouts, E-books, PDF files, buttons, letter headers, desktop wallpaper.

If you want something that is not on the list, you don’t need to panic just ask the Freelance Businessman team if they can help you.

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