Solid State Relays

In case you don’t know what solid state relays are, then this is an opportunity for you to learn about them.

Solid State Relays are very vital electronic components that are made up of solid relays that do not have moving parts.

They are ideal in applications that require long term use or reliability. On beautiful thing about this electronic component is that it is durable and very sensitive.

They can switch up to 25amps and are currently available for panel mounting and pc board.

However, there are lots of great companies that that supplies solid state relays, such as Teledyne, Magnecraft, and others.

Although this are great companies that supplies solid state relays, but you should be very strategic when choosing a supplier. Always try to find out a company’s history before purchasing, this also is a vital when purchasing solid state relays.

How solid state relays work

It is an IC that acts just like a mechanical relay. It allows high voltage loads from lower DC control circuitry.

What makes solid state relays more effective than mechanical relays is that they can easily be switched much faster without them wearing out.

Solid state relays just looks exactly like an IR LED and a thick phototriac which has been sealed up into a small box. You can rely on them as it can switch 400VAC to 8A conveniently.

Lots of people don’t get the importance of having this kind of electronic component, the truth of the fact is that they very effective. It is very easy to navigate and use such that even a newbie can operate them without been taught.

The power of this device is just something the mind cannot fathom; solid state relays are indeed undisputable!

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